The New Nail Technician Equipment List

Nail Technician EquipmentA nail technicians serves a very important role in the beauty industry. They are the professional beauty experts that are all about nail grooming, maintenance, and beauty.

Nail technicians work in this profession because they care about people and like to bring out the best in their client.

Of course, this refers to the clients nails. A good nail technician has the ability to make their client feel welcomed and comfortable under their care.

Certainly, the key to making the client feel at their best begins with having the best type of equipment at their command. Here is the new nail technician equipment list.

Best Nail Technician Equipment

The following is the basic equipment required for the well prepared nail technicians to operate efficiently. The resource here has all the information on the products.

  • Travel Case – Every professional nail tech requires a professional travel case to protect their nail supplies while in transport. Check on
  • Hand Sanitizer – This product kills 99 percent of germs and keeps things bacteria free. Check on
  • Brush On Nail Adhesive – For false nail application. Check on
  • High Quality Nail Forms – These create base for nails.
  • Assorted Brushes– Brushes for fingernails and toe nails.
  • Finger Nail Clippers – Clippers are used to quickly groom nails. Check on
  • Cuticle Sticks – A tool that is used to groom cuticles. Check on
  • Cuticle Nipper – A tool that is used to clip cuticles. Check on
  • Nail file – An important tool used to file and shape nails. Check on
  • Buffer – Shine the nails to a brilliant high gloss. Check on
  • Brilliance Block – The product is used to produce high gloss on nails. Check on
  • Manicuring Bowl – The manicuring bowl is used to soak the clients nails.
  • Assorted Polish – Polish in various colors.
  • Polish Remover – Gentle polish remover. Check on

The new nail technician should arm themselves with the basic tools listed here. These manicure tools should make it easier for them to handle their first clients with ease and create a good reputation with the client.

These basic tools are perfect for the nail technician that works in the salon that already has things like chairs, lamps, towels, and more.

However, some nail technicians are independent contractors. They do not work out of a salon and go to their client’s home. They require a few more tools to fill their nail equipment list.

The other question is: “How much do nail techs make?”, we hope you’ll be able to buy the best equipment soon.

If you are interested, it is always good opportunity to become a nail technician with nail technician school online.

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