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The Internet has revolutionized education around the world. This is especially the case when it comes to courses taught by technical schools and at universities. Now, individuals can, from the comfort of their home, receive the same education that in years past was only available by attending universities.

Schools That Provide Online Nail Technician Certification

There are many organizations that provide nail technician certifications. Some of these organizations include the Nail Technician School and the Academy of Nail Design.

Each of these learning paths offer different types of certification programs. Some programs are designed simply to teach individual the skills needed to become a nail technician. Other schools, in addition to the nail technology courses online, offer master nail technician certifications or medical nail technician certifications.

An individual who has a medical nail technician certification will be able to work along with doctors and other medical professionals and provide assistance to their patients.

If you have a certification you’ll be able to get a good job with a good nail technician salary.

Process for Learning in an Online Nail Technician Course

Online nail technician courses teach do not always the same way. Some courses will use a mixture of classroom work, DVDs and online training. Others will have their study course broken down into modules.

Students will have to complete a module and exam prior to passing to the next one.

Some courses will require students to pass a final exam, and once that process has been completed they will work as an intern in a salon or in the medical field as a nail technician.

Once again, it is paramount that students check and guarantee that the curriculum offered by the online nail tech school that they are thinking about enrolling in meets the standards required by the state board.

Cost of Participating in Nail Technician Training Online

Process for Learning in an Online Nail Technician Course

The price students will pay will vary. Some schools will offer discounts on nail technician classes online if students pay the entire tuition upfront. Other nail technician schools online will offer students discounts on the materials that they will need.

Some schools would charge a flat tuition that includes books and nail supplies. Others will charge for tuition, but the student is responsible for purchasing their own books and for purchasing their own aprons, gels and nail supplies.

Dont forget the you’ll need to buy some nail tech equipment before working 😉

Requirements for Enrolling in Nail Technician School Online

Different schools require different things for students interested in taking nail classes online. Some schools require that students, prior to taking nail school online, attend a physical school and receive a nail technician license.

These nail schools online, like the MediNail Learning Center, focus primarily on continuing education. They will teach students techniques necessary to work in the medical field or to become a master nail technician.

Other schools simply require that individuals have an interest in becoming a technician and earning a certificate.

If the student has access to high-speed Internet, they have an email address and they can afford to pay the tuition, they can join the school. And no matter where you are – nail tech school can be in Houston or New York City or somewhere else.

Top 5 Online Nail Technician Courses

The following is a list of online nail technician programs that are provided by some of the best nail technician schools around the world. Currently, all states in the United States require that the majority or all beauty training hours take place in the classroom, not online.

This means that prior to enrolling in one of these courses, a student would be wise to make sure that it meets requirements laid out by their state board.

The Academy of Nail Design: With more than one decade of experience providing training to nail care technicians, The Academy of Nail Design is the premier online nail design program.

Based in Canada, this Academy has trained nail technicians in many places including the United States, Germany, Australia and South Africa. Individuals who graduate from this online training course will be qualified to work in salons and spas and to eventually open their own business.

The Academy of Nail Design is the first nail technician school to offer online nail programs. Certified by the Canadian Board of Health Care Practitioners and receiving an A rating from the Better Business Bureau, The Academy of Nail Design sets the world standard for online nail training.

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MediNail Learning Center: The MediNail Learning Center provides an online advanced nail technician program. The purpose of this program is to help nail technicians learn advanced nail techniques. The class is broken down into modules.

Ten modules of study are presented, and then there is an exam. Technicians who pass the exams and course with 75 percent or more of their material done correctly will receive a certificate as a Certified Advanced Nail Technician.

Through this course, nail technicians are taught how to deal with clients who are nervous about going to a nail salon, elderly clients who need special consideration, clients dealing with chronic illnesses and clients who have been referred to them by physicians.

In addition to providing information on how to safely treat these clients, graduates will receive templates that will help them design marketing material to attract clients.

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Bridgerland Applied Technology Collage: Nail technicians have a very challenging job. The Bridgerland Applied Technology Collage has designed an online program to prepare nail technicians for the tasks ahead of them.

Technicians are taught the importance of maintaining good health, safe use of nail chemicals and use of appropriate safety gear in addition to the manicure and pedicure procedures that they will perform. The BATC nail technician program is 300 hours.

Students have the option of taking courses in class or doing online courses that are blended with face-to-face instruction by instructors in the school. Emphasis is given on helping students to learn the why behind a lot of the procedures that they are going to do.

The goal of the BATC program is to help students complete the certificate program with the knowledge and confidence they will need to succeed.

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Open Study College: The nail technician courses offered at Open Study College are designed for individuals who want to become a nail technician but who do not have a schedule that allows them to go to school every day. Their nail technician level III program includes advanced study of the latest techniques in nail enhancement and design.

Students are taught how to develop professional skills and how to have good customer service. Instruction is provided on the laws and regulations that affect the nail industry. When students leave the course, they are prepared to work in a salon or start their own business.

Course materials are sent to students via email or through the post office. Students are allowed to work at their own pace. Written assignments are submitted to the course tutor. The course has a duration of approximately 120 hours.

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The Mirage Spa Education Center: Students who enroll in this six module, 400 hour course will be required to learn about theory and also engage in practical exercises.

This online course includes infection control, general anatomy and physiology, nail structuring, growth, nail diseases and disorders, manicure and pedicure, electric filing and much more. On the practical side, students will be required to perform tip extensions, French extensions, manicures, spa manicures, pedicures, arm and foot massages and do nail art.

Upon completion of this program, in addition to a certificate, students will receive a diploma from The Mirage Spa Education Center. The school provides the perfect option for stay-at-home mothers, single parents and other students who have time restrictions and cannot attend a nail technician school.

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