Nail Technician Schools in Houston

Houston is a good place to get high nail tech salary. Good nail technician schools in Houston are hard to come by. Even harder is trying to find one that isn’t going to try to up-sell the students into a program they don’t want.

Here are just a few schools that will listen and strive to make the needs of the students their highest priority.

Houston Training Schools

Houston Training Schools have 4 locations in the Houston area and specialize in small class sizes. The nail technician program can be completed in one of two ways. Their cosmetology program can be completed in two years or less and will allow students to exit the profession and enter into a multitude of areas within the beauty industry.

The manicurist program offered at Houston Training Schools can be completed in one year and allows the student to enter directly into the manicurist industry upon graduation.

ICC Technical Institute

As far as nail technician schools in Houston go, ICC Technical is the place to be if you are ready to get started in your career as soon as possible.

ICC Technical prepares each student for the state board licensing exam and assists with finding students employment as soon as possible after graduation. ICC Technical is a private school so they can maintain small class sizes and quality control.

Champion Beauty College

Champion Beauty College focuses on entrepreneurship in the beauty industry. The staff is comprised of multifaceted and experienced instructors ready to teach and inspire the students.

Whether you are looking to be a nail technician or open your own salon, the distinguished staff has the knowledge to get you there.

If you are interested, it is always good opportunity to become a nail technician with nail technician schools online.

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