Nail Tech Schools in Wyoming

Every cow girl wants to look her best, especially in the cowboy state.

A career in nail technology is a great place to start helping other meet this goal. If you have an artistic flair and love to make the world a more beautiful and interesting place, this job’s for you.

Even better, some nail technicians even move on to manage nail salons or start their own business.

The flexible hours and endless possibilities for growth help nail technicians to meet any life goal their heart desires, from motherhood to getting a Ph.D. Even better, most nail techs start their new careers with little to no additional educational debts.

Licensing Requirements

Wyoming nail technician applicants must complete at least 400 hours of school before they can sit for the state’s written and practical examination.

The state requires that schools fulfill a specific number of hours on nail structure, disease control, safety and sanitation as well as teaching the basic techniques of natural nail care and extensions.

In addition, students will be expected to have a firm grasp of the state’s laws and professional standards, so it’s important to choose a  cosmetology school in Wyoming that is very thorough in teaching these areas.

Typical Training

To meet the state’s legal requirements for training, nail technology schools in Wyoming will cover at a minimum:

  • 65 hours of anatomy and physiology including nail pathology and disease,
  • 65 hours in basic nail care theory,
  • 200 hours in the practical application of all basic nail care and extension techniques,
  • 50 hours of professional standards and ethics, and
  • 10 hours of state law.

The best schools will also encourage the development in individual art styles and basic business management and marketing as well.

Some of The Best Nail Technician Schools in Wyoming

Cheeks Academy of International Beauty

Cheeks Academy gives their students intensive training in nail care that is designed to give students the necessary skills to provide state of the art manicures and pedicures.

They also provide training in safety, business skills, personal interaction and management so that students will have the “talents, technical skills and professional attitude” that provides the strong foundation to enter the creative world of beauty.

Their 600 hour course focuses 30 hours on state law and regulations, 30 hours on business skills, 180 hours on safety and sanitation issues, 150 hours on artificial nail application and 210 hours on manicuring and pedicuring.

The program is a very affordable $6,500 for all expenses including books, kit and tuition. The school has been helping students to learn these skills for more than three decades and now has two campuses, one in Cheyenne, WY and one in Loveland, CO.

Rocky Mountain Academy of Hair Skin and Nails

Rocky Mountain Academy of Hair Skin and nails is one of the few other schools that offers a stand alone nail technology course in the Cowboy State. The total cost for their comprehensive and very thorough 600 hour course is $10,000, including the kit and lesson books.

Economic Outlook

There are currently only about 5 dozen nail techs working in the state of Wyoming, so you’d definitely be filling a niche market in this state. Annual mean wage is about $28,490 with an average hourly wage of nearly $14.

This is a great salary for the field considering the cost of living in the state is just below the national average. Beginning workers and those on the low end of the spectrum only make about $16,490, but those in the top 90% of salary earners make $49,480 or more, which means there is a huge potential for personal growth in the field.

Nail technicians usually make decent tips as well, so daily expenses usually aren’t a problem for those who fill this under represented field of the beauty industry in this state.

Other Nail Tech Schools in Wyoming

Basic School of Beauty

Now that you know how quickly you can learn the fine art and science of nail care in Wyoming, why wait to start. You can be on your way to a fantastic and great paying career in just a matter of months.

You may even decide to be your own boss right from the start. Check out a few of the nail technician schools in Wyoming listed above to see which is best for you!

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