Nail Tech Schools in Wisconsin

It can take as little as seven weeks to twenty weeks to complete the schooling required to become a nail technician in Wisconsin.

Considering the amount of money that nail technicians are capable of making in Wisconsin, this makes nail technology one of the most affordable ways to enter the beauty industry.

The article below contains information about what you can expect for a salary, what training you will need to complete, and where to find the best cosmetology schools in Wisconsin.

Licensing Requirements

Students can become nail technicians in as little as 7 weeks in Wisconsin, but they must complete their high school diploma or equivalent and be at least18 years of age to qualify for the state’s licensing test. Nail technician training will consist of at least 300 clock hours at an approved school that must be completed in no less than 7 weeks and no more than 20 weeks.

Once the training is completed, the state’s licensing exam will consist of both a written and a practical exam, so it’s important to be very confident of the subject matter before an aspiring nail technician completes their application.

Typical Training

In Wisconsin, nail technology training may be short, but it is also intensive. Students will lean customer service and business management skills, personal development, marketing, infection control, anatomy and physiology, pathology, safe chemical application and storage, and product care.

This is in addition to basic manicuring and pedicuring, massage of the hands and feet, artificial nail application and extensions, nail repair, new trends in nail art and sculpting.

Some of The Best Nail Technician Schools in Wisconsin

Academy of Beauty Professionals

Academy of Beauty Professionals can helps students become professional nail technicians in as little as 15 weeks. You will learn to pamper your clients with spa quality service, providing manicures, pedicures an the latest nail art techniques.

The Academy understands that it is important to foster a student’s creative art skills so they can be competitive in the modern nail art market. They also spend many hours training students in business management, retail marketing and customer service skills so they can provide their clientele with the best customer experience possible.

They offer their nail technology program at their Green Bay, Appleton and Madison campuses so there is a convenient location for most prospective students in the state. They also have several start dates during the year. This beauty school in Wisconsin provides military discounts and accepts all federal financial aid and has advisers that can help students to navigate the process.

Academy of Beauty Professionals

Academy of Beauty Professionals has a fantastic program that gets right to the point–how to do nails better than anyone else. They will also give their students the customer service skills that they will need to keep their clients returning for more great service again and again.

First Class Cosmetology School

First Class Cosmetology School is dedicated to their students’ success. This is because they know each student that graduates from their program will be representing them in the real world as they deal with real clients. They are a local school that serves Wisconsin only, so they know what’s best for their local students.

Economic Outlook

Cheddar isn’t the only thing that pays well in the cheese state. Nail techs make an annual mean salary of $29,170 with mean hourly wages of $14.02. Entry level positions still approach about $20,000 and top earners, for instance those who choose to be self employed, make about $38,780 or even more.

This is the base salary before tips, so nail techs can expect to make a very good living and definitely one of the highest returns for such a small amount of schooling.

There are currently almost 700 nail techs working in the state with demand being about average for the nation, so finding a job straight out of school should be quite possible, with those who are flexible regarding location having the best opportunities in the field.

Other Nail Tech Schools in Wisconsin

State College of Beauty Culture

Visions in Hair Design

Paul Mitchell Green Bay

Congratulations on your excellent decision to start a new career in the fastest growing arm of the cosmetology industry.

Now that you know how easy it is to find a new nail technology school in Wisconsin and get a nail technology license, why not check out a few of the schools listed above today? The sooner the better for your bright new future!

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