Nail Tech Schools in Washington

Washington has a booming economy, and it shows in the beauty industry and the high demand for licensed nail technicians.

Indeed, growth in the nail technology industry is expected to increase above the national average for many years to come.

The educational prerequisites are equivalent to the national average , and most people who apply for the license obtain one, so you should be able to expect to start your new career in the beauty industry in just a matter of weeks.

Licensing Requirements

Applicants need only be 17 years old to apply for the nail technology license in Washington state, but first they must complete at least 600 hours of training at an approved program, or 800 apprenticeship hours.

Whichever path you decide to take toward licensing, you should make sure you have a firm understanding of basic anatomy and physiology, safety and sanitation because these are required subject matters on the state’s practical and written exams.

Typical Training

Typical training in Washington state will include nearly half of classroom hours spent on sanitation and safety, business training, anatomy and physiology, pathology of the hands and feet and infection control.

The remaining hours will be spent learning the most cutting edge nail care methods and art. 3-D nail art is becoming quite the statement in the area, so most beauty schools in Washington offer very fun and interesting segments on this topic.

Some of The Best Nail Technician Schools in Washington

Evergreen Beauty College

Evergreen Beauty College is a very popular cosmetology school in Washington state. They offer salon and spa services to the general public, so students have plenty of opportunity to interact with real clients as they master their nail art skills.

They even have a student blog which gives prospective students a feel for “a day in the life” at their school.

As a member of Nuts and Bolts, Evergreen also teaches students how to focus on marketing, retail strategy, business modeling and salon management while students learn the fundamentals of manicure and pedicure.

Students will move on to become confident and competitive professionals in the industry. On the fun art side, students will get to learn how to create 3-D designs and sculptures and encouraged to develop a signature style unique to themselves. Their course can be completed in roughly five months.

Song’s Beauty Academy

Song’s Beauty Academy has one of the few stand along nail technology programs in Washington state, and their program is definitely state of the art. They offer courses in skin care and hair care as well.

Economic Outlook

The average mean wage for nail techs in Washington is surprisingly high at $30,650 per year. Mean hourly wages hover around $14.74. When combined with tips from satisfied customers, this is a very good living.

Of course, nail techs need to work their way up to the average salary as entry level and lower paying jobs in this sector are about $21,760. On the other end of the spectrum, top earners can expect to make around $43,960 or even more. Those who choose to start their own business or manage a salon tend to earn the best salaries in Washington state.

Other Nail Tech Schools in Washington

Washington Beauty School

Vu’s Beauty School

Elite School of Beauty

There are only a few great nail technology programs to choose from in Washington, so there’s no better time to sign up for courses than now. With such a lucrative future to look forward to, your schooling will be paying for itself in no time.

And, who knows? You may even find yourself managing your own salon and being your own boss in just a few years.

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