Nail Tech Schools in Virginia

Virginia is one of the fastest and easiest states in which to become a nail technician–hands down.

Where most states require 300 hours of training at the low end, and 750 hours at the high end for training, Virginia only requires 150 hours before students can apply for their license.

This is no job though. It’s a career. Many who take this fast track into the beauty industry use it as a stepping stone into the broader field of cosmetology. Others move on to become leaders in the industry by starting their own business.

This article will show you how to get your start.

Licensing Requirements

Virginia is an odd state in that it has such a huge gap between required school hours and apprenticeship hours. In other words, the schooling requirement is very light at only 150 hours, but the apprenticeship hours required are among the heaviest at 2,000 hours.

So, most aspiring nail techs take the school option. It’s important to make sure that you select a cosmetology school in Virginia that teaches laws, theory and basic safety however because these subject will be on the state’s required written and practical exam once training is complete.

Typical Training

Because Virginia’s nail technician courses are some of the fastest in the country, it’s a very popular program. But don’t let the minimum hour requirement convince you that it’s an effortless process.

Students will still be expected to learn the technical, physiological and scientific aspects of nail care just as well as they do in other states. Your lessons will just be in a more concentrated format.

Therefore, your classes will include health and safety precautions, safe handling of materials, anatomy and physiology, infection control and state law as well as basic manicure and pedicure techniques.

Some of The Best Nail Technician Schools in Virginia

Miracle Beauty Academy

Founded in 2001 in Virginia Beach, Va, Miracle Beauty Academy offers courses in cosmetology, waxing, braiding, esthetics and of course, nail technology. The school’s state goal is to “change the beauty industry by producing students with a high level of ethical standards, great customer service skills and knowledge that exceeds the highest expectations.

In furtherance of this stated goal, Miracle Beauty Academy wants to make sure their students are definitely prepared for the state licensing exam so their classes take 158 hours to complete instead of just the 150 hours required by the state.

Total cost for the course is $5,200, including books, lab fee, registration and tuition. Students can start as young as 16 years old if they meet certain requirements.

ei Esthetic Institute

ei Esthetic Institute uses Mildy’s Standard Nail Technology curriculum for their 150 hour course. Their classes are offered on a part time basis only, consisting of two evening classes per week.

Students will learn now the use O.P.I’s products while they learn about all of the other business skills required to excel in their business.

Chamar Academy of Cosmetology and Nail Technology

Chamar Academy of Cosmetology and Nail Technology’s 150 hour nail technology course costs only $2,500 and can be paid for via payment plans. Their mission statement as a school is “Training Future Stylists for the Modern World,” and they use hands on, individualized training to achieve this goal.

Economic Outlook

Virginia, being one of those states that surrounds our nation’s capitol, sees a lot of business in the beauty industry. There are currently 2,460 nail techs in Virginia, even more than in Texas, and they stay very busy. Average mean wage is $22,980 with hourly wages around $11.05. The top earners in the state make a bit over $29,000 per year and entry level workers make nearly $17,000 per year.

When combined with tips, it makes a very comfortable living in the state, especially in the more rural areas.

Other Nail Tech Schools in Virginia

Staunton School of Cosmetology

Empire Beauty Schools

Le Arai Beauty & Barber School

Virginia has a lot to offer in the world of beauty, and it’s a wonderful place to start a new career in the field. With such a wide range of fantastic beauty schools in Virginia to choose from, and all of them very affordable for their courses, you can be on your way to a lucrative new career in no time at all.

So why wait? Call a few of the nail technician schools in Virginia listed above today and ask to schedule an appointment to take a tour.

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