Nail Tech Schools in Utah

Whether you are looking to start your first job, or completely change your career path due to economic changes, nail technology opens the door to a brand new world of artistic possibilities.

The schooling required to become a nail technician in Utah is might lighter than is required in many other states.

For instance, in Texas, aspiring nail techs are required to obtain a full 600 hours of schooling, while in Utah a mere 300 hours of schooling are required. So Utah is a great to get your start in this new and exciting field of beauty.

Licensing Requirements

Before you can start your lucrative career as a nail technician in Utah, you will need to complete 300 clock hours of training at a state approved school. You can also complete this requirement with 375 hours of state approved apprenticeship over the course of at least three months.

Once this requirement is met, you will need to pass the state’s licensing exam which covers both a written and practical examination that covers safety, theory and demonstration of basic nail care techniques.

Typical Training

Students who apply for a nail technology license in Utah should expect to have a very strong understanding in several specific areas to pass their state licensing test. Their courses will need to include safety, sanitation, infection control, pathology of the hands and feet, anatomy and physiology of the hands and feet, and nail technology science.

Their nail art classes will include lessons in gel nails, tips, wraps, sculptured nails, acrylic nail care, nail art and hand and foot massage.

Some of The Best Nail Technician Schools in Utah

Esteem Beauty Academy

Esteem Beauty Academy is located in the beautiful backdrop of Ogden, Utah, just north of Salt Lake City. The school’s stated belief is that “beauty professionals, like a lighthouse, can be a beacon to those they serve.” They also believe in having fun while students learn and experimenting with new methods whenever possible while exploring the many different avenues available to nail care experts.

Their teaching philosophy focuses on providing positive feedback while helping students to find their special niche by using their strengths to their best benefit. In this way, students will be prepared to market their unique talents once they obtain their license so they can stand out from the crowd and have a very successful career.

The course takes eight months to complete and covers professional development, state laws and regulations, general sciences such as anatomy and physiology of the hands and feet, infection control and pathology and of course all of the latest nail art techniques. While they do not accept Title IV financial aid, they do offer scholarships and their courses are very affordable.

Color My Nails School of Nail Technology

Color My Nails School of Nail Technology does only one thing, nails. So, they do it very well. Color my nails started in 1984 as a full service nail salon, and began educating students in the art of nail care in 2002. It is one of Utah’s better known programs for their nails only specialty.

They do not take FAFSA, but their school is very affordable at only $3,000 and students can get loans to pay for their courses through Mountain America Credit Union.

Top Nails and Beauty School

At Top Nails & Beauty School in Texas, all teachers are currently practicing in the field of nail art or owners of their own salons. This is why they stay ahead of the latest nail fashion trends to they can teach their students the newest and best techniques. They also offer training in cosmetology, esthetics and permanent cosmetics.

Economic Outlook

Nail technicians in Utah are among the highest paid in the country, which is surprising considered the average cost of living in the state. This means that nail technicians in the state live a bit better on average than they do in other parts of the nation.

Entry level nail technicians make about $17,870 and the top earners make over $39,000 per year. Average hourly salary is $13.23 with an average annual salary of over $27,000 per year. When combined with tips, grocery money is never a problem for the successful nail technician in Utah.

Other Nail Tech Schools in Utah

Mountainland Applied Technology College

Cameo College of Essential Beauty

Ogden-Weber Tech College

Utah is already one of the most beautiful states in America. But now, you’re about to launch a career making it even more so. If you’re ready to learn how to express your artistic side in new and creative ways, then why wait one more second to get your new start.

Pick up the phone (baby) and check out a few of these nail technician schools in Utah to see which one is the best match for you, and in just a matter of weeks your future will be brighter than ever.

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