Nail Tech Schools in Texas

Texas is the Big State, and nail technology is a big part of the beauty industry in the Big State.

The requirements for schooling are a little larger than other states as well. It takes a full 600 hours of schooling in a state approved program to get started as a nail tech, so there’s not time better to start than now!

This article will explain how to find the right nail technician school in Texas, what you should expect to learn, what other requirements you will need to qualify for licensing and most importantly, how much you should expect to earn in your first year of this exciting new career.

Licensing Requirements

As stated above, Texas has some of the strictest licensing requirements for nail technicians. Where most states only require around 300 or 400 hours of training or even less, Texas requires a full 600 hours of education in the field.

Once the training hours are complete, applicants must pass their state licensing written and practical exam. The state offers the exam in Spanish and Vietnamese as well as English, and also allows the exam taker to bring a reader to assist if they speak a language that is not offered.

Once a person is licensed in the state, they must complete 4 hours of continuing education with each state licensing renewal as well.

Typical Training

Nearly half of the hours of your training will consist of the science behind the art. You will learn about bacteriology, anatomy and physiology of the hands and feet, the rules and laws of Texas, how to manage equipment and supplies, salon management and career skills.

The remaining hours of your training will involve learning the practical art of nail care. This will include buffing, polish, artificial nail application, nail extensions, tips, wraps, gels, sculptured nails and advanced manicure and pedicure techniques.

Some of The Best Nail Technician Schools in Texas

Central Texas Beauty College

Located in Round Rock, Texas, Central Texas Beauty College has a wonderful manicuring course and a very long history of teaching students to be the best beauty experts in Texas. Open for more than 60 years, they have campuses in Austin and Temple as well.

The school is fully qualified to take Title IV financial aid, so students can pay for their schooling with Pell grants, other grants and even student loans. It is however, the school’s goal to help all of their students graduate without student loan debt. The school costs $4,900 to complete with books and supplies included.

New classes begin in January, March, May, June, September and October, so there is never a long wait to start. Students must be 16 or over to enroll, and have a valid high school diploma or GED.

The school also has an ability to benefit standard which helps students enroll by demonstrating that they have “the ability to benefit from training,” with a standardized test score from home schooling or a foreign equivalent of a high school diploma. Students who are admitted through this route will not qualify for Title IV aid.

Victoria Beauty College

Victoria Beauty College has a state approved 600 hour program that will help students to be fully ready for their TDLR State Board Exams. The total cost for the course is $6,725. The beauty school in Texas takes all forms of federal funding and also provides interest free cash payment plans.

Bella Beauty College

Located in Corpus Christi, Bella Beauty College’s primary mission is to stay on top of all the new trends so students are ready to enter cutting edge jobs in the nail care industry. Of course, they also cover the basics very thoroughly so all graduates are fully ready to pass their exams.

Economic Outlook

There are more than 2,260 nail technicians making a great living in Texas, but there’s still plenty of room for the industry to grow there. Annual mean wage is just over $24,000 with the lowest earners making $16,600 and the highest earners making more than $36,600 per year.

Most of those who earn on the lower end of the spectrum in Texas live in the rural areas where the cost of living is quite affordable. So once a nail technician becomes well established in the state, they tend to earn a pretty good living whether they are providing great service to the music scene in Austin or the fast paced business environment of Dallas-Fort Worth.

Other Nail Tech Schools in Texas

Yahweh Beauty Academy

Ogle School

Baldwin Beauty School

Now is the time to take the first step toward your new career. Embrace your love of art and help make the world a more beautiful place today. There are thousands of people right now who need your help to look their best, and they are waiting for you to graduate.

So why not pick up your phone now and ask to schedule a tour at one of these fantastic cosmetology schools in Texas .