Nail Tech Schools in the State of Oklahoma

Would you like to start a new career in the field of cosmetology but don’t have time to attend years of schooling before you start working?

Then becoming a nail technician can be a great first step into a cosmetology career in Oklahoma. Wherever you live in the state, there are plenty of customers who need your help to look their best every day. While the requirements to start are much easier, you will still have to meet the state’s requirements for licensing first.

This article will explain what you need to get your nail technician license from Oklahoma, including the curriculum you can expect to complete and what you can expect to earn when you start and once you become more established in the field.

Licensing Requirements

To become a nail technician in the state of Oklahoma a future manicurist must complete 600 hours of training or an equivalent number of credit hours at a community college. Before applying for the license, they will also need to prove that the are over the age of 16 and that they have completed at least an 8th grade education.

Once these requirements have been met, the applicant will need to pass a state administered written and practical exam.

Typical Curriculum

The typical curriculum for nail technicians in the state of Oklahoma will include 600 hours worth of classes aimed at helping students to pass the state’s stringent testing requirements.

The practical and written exams contain specific technical questions regarding anatomy and physiology of nails, nail disorders and proper sanitation and use of equipment. A qualified school will have courses that focus in these areas as well as safe application of chemicals, and nail enhancements.

You should look for these courses in a program’s curriculum as well as for the latest nail art techniques in order to ensure that you will have a competitive edge in the market once you graduate.

Some of the Best Nail Tech Schools in Oklahoma

Claremore Beauty College

Claremore Beauty College, located in Claremore, Ok, prepares students with the basic skills they will need to practice their state licensing test and become profitable manicurists in the state.

Their course takes 600 hours to complete and covers sanitation and safety, nail anatomy, identification of nail disorders and diseases, manicuring and pedicuring, artificial nail application, and nail art. Students will also benefit from 120 hours worth of training in the state’s rules and regulations and in salon business management and professional ethics.

The school has financial aid consultants who can work one on one with students to help them apply for Pell grants, student loans and even funding from the Bureau of Indian Affairs if they qualify. The school lists the names and contacts of several of their graduates on this page.

Bethany Beauty College

Bethany Beauty College’s manicuring course takes 600 hours to complete. A student who attends full time will complete the course within four months if they attend full time classes.

Part time students will complete the course in six months with evening classes. School hours are Tuesday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. They are open from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday and closed on Sunday and Monday. The school has been operational for more than 35 years offering courses in cosmetology and skin care as well.

Clary Sage College

Clary Sage College has programs in barbering, cosmetology, esthetics, fashion design, interior design, makeup artistry, massage therapy, business and industry management and nail technology. Students who take their nail technology course will learn advanced methods for:

  • gels,
  • silk wraps,
  • acrylics,
  • sculpture,
  • nail art (including charms!),
  • air brush art, and
  • natural nail care.

Once students have learned these basic techniques, they will master their skills on the salon floor where they work with actual clients. The school teaches salon management and marketing as well as customer service etiquette to help its graduates be competitive and sought after members of Oklahoma’s cosmetology community.

Economic Outlook

In Oklahoma, nail technicians can earn a very good living.

Average salaries are roughly $22,660 per year or $10.90 per hour, with starting salaries ranging around $16,480 and top level earners making about $31,520 yer a year.

Tips from satisfied customers increase this base salary substantially, so it’s a very good start in the cosmetology industry considering the mere 600 hours of training that is required.

Here are a few other beauty schools in Oklahoma that may be offering nail care courses as well:

Paul Mitchell

Academy of Nail Technology

Now that you know how easy it is to become a nail technician in this state and have had a chance to read about a few of the best cosmetology schools in Oklahoma, you’re well on your way to starting your new career. Why not call a few of the nail technician schools in Oklahoma listed above and schedule a tour or a visit?

Most campuses will provide prospective students with free tours and comprehensive intake counseling. Whether you choose to attend school full time or want to study part time while you pursue further training in the field, your investment in your education will be paying for itself in no time.

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