Nail Tech Schools in the State of Ohio

Congratulations on your choice to start a new career in the fast paced field of nail technology.

This is a fantastic path to take since demand for nail technicians is better than the national average. Of course, prospective students must first pass the state’s licensing and examination requirements before they can start working as certified nail technicians.

This includes completion of the state required training course where students will learn the fundamentals of nail art and care. While meeting these requirements may seem like a lot of work, Ohio is actually one of the easiest states as far as required clock hours of training are concerned.

It’s important to understand that being a great nail technician requires more than just skills to apply a beautiful manicure. The best nail technicians in the state will be masters of infection control, anatomy and physiology as well as the latest fashions.

This article will guide prospective students through the basic licensing process in Indiana while explaining the basic expectations that are required before one can start their new career in nail care.

Licensing Requirements

Manicurists in Ohio are required to complete 200 clock hours of training at a school that is approved by the state’s licensing board.

Their training will focus on infection control, anatomy, massage, nail care procedures, chemistry, nail enhancements, specialized equipment, communications skills, salon operations and basic cosmetology laws. Once they complete their schooling, applicants must pass the state’s written and practical exam.

Typical Curriculum

Basic training programs must include certain classes to ensure that students are qualified to pass state exams:

  • basic manicure and pedicure techniques,
  • safe chemistry,
  • guest satisfaction and customer service,
  • basic business management,
  • sculpting,
  • safety and sanitation,
  • hands on training, and
  • preparation for state examinations.

Prospective students should ensure that their potential schools have classes that cover these basic requirements while also covering the latest techniques in nail art and styles.

Some of the Best Nail Tech Schools in Ohio

The Salon Professional Academy

The Salon Professional Academy in Cleveland, Ohio doesn’t just want to make sure their students have the skills to pass the state exam. They also want to fully prepare their students for a lifetime career in the cosmetics industry.

Their 200 hour program can be completed in as little as 15 weeks with part time attendance of 14 hours per week. Their next full time class starting June 20, 2017. Students will learn critical business and management skills and communication skills in addition to their hands on training in the latest nail care techniques.

Once they graduate from the course and obtain their state license, students will be given job placement in leading salons in the area.

The Toledo Academy of Beauty

The Toledo Academy of Beauty has a state of the art facility where students learn the latest methods for artificial nails, gels, tips, art, wraps, manicures and pedicures along with hand and arm massage.

Even better, the facility is contacted almost every week by beauty salons that need to hire recent graduates. Their tuition is only a very affordable $2,000 and takes only 10 weeks to complete. They have class start dates in September, January, April and July.

The Academy takes great pride in the fact that they are not part of a major corporate franchise, which they say engage in “brain/brand” washing. Instead, they partner with many different professional nail care product lines including O.P.I, Backscratchers, Christine Ashley and Burmax.

Raphael Beauty School

Raphael Beauty School’s 300 hour advanced manicurist training program is designed to provide the best practical experience and hands on demonstration so students get the chance to practice their skills in actual clients.

As students learn the most innovative techniques, they will be instructed in anatomy and physiology of the nails and the most thorough sanitation and safety practices. Students will also learn all applicable state laws and rules to ensure that they can run their business in complete compliance with state business codes. If students attend from 9AM to 3PM, they can complete their course in 3 months. If they attend from 9AM to 5:30PM, they can complete their program in just two and a half months.

Whichever option the student chooses, they are all required to complete at least 16 hours worth of Saturday attendance every month. Since classes start on the third Tuesday of every month, you will never have to wait long to start your courses.

Economic Outlook

Nail technicians in Ohio make an average of $24,610 per year and $11.83 per hour. Starting salaries can be as low as $17,900 per year, but well-established nail technicians can make around $36,010 per year or even more.

On top of this basic salary, most nail technicians make tips on a daily basis as well, which significantly increases earnings while helping with day to day expenses. So, this is a very good living in a state like Ohio.

Here are a few other beauty schools in Ohio that provide nail training as well:

Ohio State Beauty Academy

Creative Images Institute of Cosmetology

Ohio Beauty College

Great! Now that you’ve learned a bit more about the requirements to become a nail technician in Ohio and read about a few of the better nail technician schools in Ohio, you’re well on your way to starting your new future.

Why not contact a few of these cosmetology schools in Ohio and schedule a tour of visit? Most campuses will accommodate new students by offering free tours at certain hours of the week along with comprehensive intake counseling. There’s no limit to your career choices once you graduate and you can even start your own business.

Whether you choose a full time career or want to simply work part time while you pursue additional training, your investment in your education will be paying for itself in no time. So don’t be shy, make a call today and get started with your new life making the world a more beautiful place.

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