Nail Tech Schools in The State of Mississippi

If you enjoy creating intricate art and love to make the world a more beautiful place, becoming a nail technician can be your path to a successful new career.

This can be one of the fastest ways to enter the beauty industry in Mississippi, with some licensing courses being as short as just a couple months.

Many new students prefer to keep their current employment as they attend their nail technology program so they can pay for their tuition themselves, without taking on additional student loan debt. Some students also prefer to work as nail technicians while pursuing additional education as a stylist, cosmetologist or wigologist.

Licensing Requirements

Nail Technicians in Mississippi must apply for their license after completing 350 hours of education. Before they can receive their license, they must also take and pass a state licensing exam. Applicants who received their license out of state can also receive a reciprocity agreement for their current state license without the need for additional training if they pass the test.

Training will included safety and sanitation instruction to ensure public safety in the salon industry.

Typical Training

There are different types of advanced techniques taught at each nail school in Mississippi, but every school has basic curriculum that must taught to students so they can pass the state licensing test. These basic areas of study include:

  • cleaning,
  • safe use of electrical appliances,
  • safe use of chemicals,
  • cutting and shaping nails,
  • nail art and polishing,
  • buffing,
  • filing,
  • wraps and extensions, and
  • basic anatomy of hands, arms, feet and legs.

Since the state requires a full 350 hours of clock study, most cosmetology schools in Mississippi divide these skills into several courses covering 50 to 200 clock hours. Almost all beauty schools include experience with real clientele as well, often through discounted services offered to the public.

Some of The Best Nail Technician Schools in Mississippi

Mississippi Institute

Mississippi Institute provides both practical and classroom teaching. Unlike many other schools, they focus initially on ergonomics to help new nail technicians avoid common work related physical stresses. Then, they focus on safety, proper equipment use and sanitation, and proper use of products.

Students will also learn how to master all of the basic skills required by state law. They will also teach students human relations and communications, proper business planning and management techniques, and basic employer/employee protocol. The course costs $4,300 and the school qualifies for Title IV financial aid.

Northwest Mississippi Community College

Northwest Community College’s 400 hour nail tech program takes an additional 50 hours above the state’s requirements to complete. The extra time is used to provide an extra emphasis on sanitation, hygiene, customer relations and management skills.

The course is only available during the spring semester, and applicants must be a minimum of 17 years of age to start. Applicants must also show that they have completed high school or completed an equivalency. Since it is a state approved community college, Federal financial aid is available.

Magnolia College if Cosmetology

Magnolia College of Cosmetology has a fast paced 350 hour manicuring course that takes only three months to complete with full time attendance. The objective of their nail technician course is to help students become familiar with every area of nail technology.

Their belief is that a well rounded education and background will make their students the most successful and competitive in the market. Consisting of both practical and theoretical instruction, they place a special emphasis on preparation to pass the state licensing examination toward the end of the course as well.

Economic Outlook

Becoming a nail technician in Mississippi can be a fairly profitable career move. While nail care salaries in Mississippi vary between $16,540 and $29,650 per year, happy customers often give sizable tips as well. So even though hourly wages vary between $8 and $14, most technicians take home much more than that. Growth in the industry is projected to be around 10% for the next 7 years. This is commensurate with the national average, so job security is likely to be high.

Additionally, nail technicians have the opportunity to work for themselves, with 3 out of 10 people currently working in this field nationally being self employed. Since income is often highest for those who manage their own salons, becoming your own manager is often the goal with this career choice.

Other Nail Tech Schools in Mississippi

Here are a couple more schools in the state of Mississippi that offer nail programs or comprehensive cosmetology programs as well:

Chris’s Beauty College

United Cosmetology School

Now that you can see how easy it is to start your training as a nail technician in Mississippi, you can try out a few of the schools we listed above by scheduling a tour. Almost all cosmetology schools and nail tech schools in Mississippi offer free tours at certain times with options to speak to intake officers or financial aid officers once the tour is complete.

Since some of the schools in Mississippi even offer rolling start dates, you could be as little as three months away from a lucrative new career.

Whether you decide to work at a local salon or run your own business, you future is in your hands (and the hands of your customers as well!)

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