Nail Tech Schools in The State of Minnesota

Are you ready for a change? Would you like to get started in a new career as quickly as possible? Becoming a nail technician can be a great start in the state of Minnesota. Tourism to the Great Lakes ensures that demand remains high as travelers look for a little pampering while on vacation, especially during the summer months.

In addition, the state has many people who must look their best while managing their business image. From top executives to business professionals, there is always a need for skilled nail technicians who can ensure that both men and women always look well-manicured and professional.

Before you can start your new career however, you must earn a nail technician license from the state licensing authority. You will need to complete the required hours of training and then pass the state’s exam.

This article will explain what you will need to acquire your license from Minnesota and explain what curriculum you should expect. In addition, we’ll show you some of the best cosmetology schools in Minnesota so you can get a better feel for the educational market.

Licensing Requirements

Nail technicians in Minnesota must complete 350 hours of classroom training at a state approved program. Once the training is finished, students must pass a licensing test that includes both a written and practical exam before receiving their license to practice their art with the general public. This is roughly half the classroom time required in many other states, so this is one of the easier licensing requirements.

And it’s not too difficult to pass the state licensing exams as long as you select a school that covers the basics with a strong focus on testing. The best schools even offer mock testing before the students need to take their actual state exam so they are already confident in their skills and knowledge.

The state’s test costs $90. Once the test has been passed the license will be issued upon payment of a $195 fee.

Typical Curriculum

Nail tech schools in Minnesota are required to provide 50 hours of training in anatomy, physiology and safety and at least 150 hours of clinical instruction. Students must provide at least 50 manicures and 10 artificial nail applications during their clinical instruction hours.

The rest of the hours vary by school, with many choosing to focus on the latest techniques so students will graduate with a competitive edge.

Some of The Best Nail Technician Schools in Minnesota

Minnesota School of Beauty

Minnesota School of Beauty takes pride in their low student to teacher ratio which enables them to provide a very student centered atmosphere that focuses on individual needs. They have a ten week nail technician course that focuses on mastering enhancements, artificial and gel nails, shaping, polishing, repairing and cleaning.

They also take time to teach self-marketing and client retention skills. Their large facilities span 6,500 feet with a brake room, resource center that includes computers and internet access, and a library. Financial aid is available for students who qualify.

Nova Academy of Cosmetology

Nova Academy of Cosmetology focuses on applied sciences for the first 150 hours of training. Following this, students will receive 200 hours of clinical instruction. The course costs $5,000. This fee consists of a registration fee of $100, a kit fee of $1,600 and a tuition fee of $5,000.

They have class state dates that start nearly every month of the year, so new students won’t have to wait too long to get their new start!

The Atelier Academy of Beauty

If you want to get your start as early as possible, Atelier is a great choice. Four months is all it takes to start a new career in nail technology with this school. The program is state board approved and teaches the latest trends using the newest books and supplies.

To date, 100% of their program graduates have passed their state board exams. Since they have flexible schedules and payment plans, it’s easy to attend school while continuing other college coursework or working a full time job.

The Salon Professional Academy

The Salon Professional Academy prefers to focus on helping students explore their “inner-artist.” Their instruction program includes innovative new techniques for manicures, nail extensions, nail sculpturing and pedicures.

Their full time course can be completed in 11 weeks with 32.5 hours per week attendance. Their part time course takes 14 hours per week for 25 weeks. The school is qualified for Title IV financial aid, so students who qualify may benefit from this. There are also scholarships available.

Economic Outlook

Minnesota nail technicians earn an average of roughly $11 per hour, with starting salaries at $8.65 and expert salaries as high as $16.41, so this is slightly lower than the national average, but they receive quite a few daily tips as well. The yearly salary ranges from just under $18,000 and just over $34,000 with $23,000 for the yearly average. With the low cost of living in Minnesota, most nail technicians do very well.

Other Nail Tech Schools in Minnesota

The are a lot of great beauty schools in Minnesota. Here are a few more schools that offer nail technician training in the state:

PCI Academy

Hastings Beauty School

Empire Beauty Schools

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about the requirements it takes to start a career in nail technology in Minnesota and have read about a few of the better nail tech schools in Minnesota, you can take your first step toward your new career.

Why not contact one of the schools listed above and schedule a tour or a visit? Most campuses will help out new students by offering free tours during the week along with comprehensive intake counseling and financial advice.

Whether you choose a full time career or want to simply work part time while you finish other college classes, your investment in your education will be paying for itself as soon as you graduate. So don’t wait! Make a call today and get started with your new life making the world a more beautiful place.

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