Nail Tech Schools in The State of Michigan

Have you decided that you would like to start a new career? Nail technicians can get a great start in the beauty industry in the state of Michigan. Before you start your new career, however, you will need to get a license from the state to practice your new art.

This means that you will have to complete their required hours of training and then pass a state exam. This article will show you what you must do to get your nail technician license from Michigan and explain what your classes are likely to cover.

In addition, we’ll show you some of the better schools in Michigan so you can get a better feel for what the educational scene has to offer.

Licensing Requirements

New nail technicians in Michigan must complete a 400 hours of classroom training at a program approved by the state of Michigan. The state also allows nail technicians to meet this requirement through a six month apprenticeship program with a qualified beauty or nail salon.

Completing a state approved course is usually the fastest way to earn your license in the state. Once you have finished the required training or school, students and apprentices must pass a state licensing test that includes both a written and practical exam before they can receive their license to practice in a salon.

Typical Curriculum

The typical curriculum for nail technicians in the state of Michigan will include highly technical classes because the state has very strict educational requirements. Their practical and written exams will contain very technical questions about anatomy and physiology of the hands and feet as well.

A qualified school will have courses that focus first in anatomy and physiology, safe use of chemicals, sterilization, and diseases of the feet and hands.

You should look for cosmetology schools in Michigan that offer these courses in their class lineup as well as for the most innovative nail art and extension techniques in order to ensure that you have the knowledge required to pass the state’s practical and written exams the first time and be competitive in the market.

Some of The Best Nail Technician Schools in Michigan

French Academy of Cosmetology

French Academy’s 400 hour course requires 35 to 40 hours of attendance per week for full time students and 20 to 40 hours per week for part time students. Students will learn the latest techniques in sanitation, safety, nail disorders and diseases, nail anatomy, how to safely use products, and of course practical training in the latest manicuring and extension techniques. Students will also be educated in personal and product marketing.

The first 100 hours are spent in the classroom receiving instruction, and the last 300 hours will be spent on the floor gaining experience with real clients. Once students have reached this level, they are required to attend floor training every other Saturday when the Academy us usually at its busiest.

Full-time attendance at the school costs $4,042 for the 12 week course. Part-time attendance costs $5,114 and takes 5 months to complete. There is also a non refundable application fee of $50.

West Michigan College of Barbering and Beauty

West Michigan College of Barbering and Beauty is committed to ensuring that their students will become well respected in the industry. The cost is very affordable at only $4,600. In order to pass the program and proceed to state testing, students are required to pass the school’s final written and practical exam with a score of 80%. The focus of this course is on realistic exposure to the industry, so students have reasonable expectations of their new career choice.

Mr. Bela’s School of Cosmetology

Students as young as 17 can join Mr. Bela’s School of Cosmetology, but they must have written approval from their parents or guardians. They must also finish high school or provide proof of completing similar education such as a GED. There are other options available if these prerequisites cannot be met.

The applicant can enroll in additional clock hours at the school or pass an ability to benefit test administered by an approved Independent Test Administrator. Schooling at Mr. Bela’s is more extensive and will consist of 290 hours of classroom teaching and 310 hours of practical training.

Economic Outlook

The average hourly rate for Michigan nail technicians is $13 per hour, which is a very good rate for living expenses in this state. The average yearly salary of $26,353 is about 1% higher than other nail technicians in the nation.

In addition to this salary, most nail technicians make over $2,500 a month in bonuses. Growth in the industry is expected to remain strong for the next decade, so finding gainful employment or being able to launch a successful business of your own should be very achievable.

Other Nail Tech Schools in Michigan

Michigan is a big state with lots of options for great schools. Here are a few more beauty schools in Michigan that offer nail technician training in the state:

P & A Scholars Beauty School

Mott Community College

Empire Beauty Schools

Great! Now that you’ve learned a bit more about the requirements to become a nail technician in Michigan and read about a few of the better nail tech schools in Michigan, you’re well on your way to starting your new future. Why not contact a few of these schools and schedule a tour of visit?

Most campuses will accommodate new students by offering free tours at certain hours of the week along with comprehensive intake counseling. Whether you choose a full time career or want to simply work part time while you pursue additional training, your investment in your education will be paying for itself in no time.

So don’t be shy, make a call today and get started with your new life making the world a more beautiful place.

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