Nail Tech Schools in The State of Maryland

Would you like to start a new career but without spending years in school and tens of thousands of dollars? Are you creative and sociable? Then you have definitely come to the right place.

Becoming a nail technician in Maryland only takes a few weeks and classes are very affordable, so you could be starting your new career in no time!

Now, how do you get started? First, you will need to earn your license from the state of Maryland.

Once you have earned your license, you will be qualified to perform pedicures, manicures, nail art, nail extensions and nail decorations or even start your own manicurist business. Read below to learn how to find a good training course in your area, how long it will take and what your economic outlook will be once you are qualified.

Licensing Requirements

Residents of Maryland who want to become nail technicians have two options for their licensing requirements. You can obtain a the training required to test for the nail technician license by completing a 250 hour training course or by serving an apprenticeship for eight months at a licensed beauty salon.

Before beginning training, prospective nail technicians must prove that they are at least 17 years of age and that they have satisfactorily completed 9th grade or have obtained a G.E.D. Whether you choose apprenticeship or school, all nail techs must pass the state board’s nail technician testing before being a license to practice.

Below are a few of the cosmetology schools in Maryland that provide this training, along with economic outlook information and expected curriculum.

Typical Curriculum

The typical curriculum for a nail technician in Maryland will depend upon which type of licensing requirement they pursue. The 250 hour training course is fairly easy and fast. The apprenticeship route will take much longer.

While Maryland is one of the easier states in which to obtain a nail tech license, the curriculum still covers rigorous standards that include sanitation and safety, anatomy and physiology and mastery of the latest art applications.

Some of The Best Nail Technician Schools in Maryland

Robert Paul Academy

Robert Paul academy has a part time nail technician course available for those who want to continue to work as they attend school. The cost is very affordable at $2,600, and students can begin their courses with just a $700 deposit. The course takes 13.5 weeks to complete, and runs Tuesday through Thursday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM and Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. each day consists of 45 minutes of in class lecture theory, and a little over three hours of demonstration and practice.

On Fridays, students will train first hand at the salon. The school offers clinic specials on Fridays to the general public so students will have more clients available. Classes start once in the Fall and once in the Spring, but classes are only offered if there are six students enrolled.

Montgomery College

Held at the Gaithersburg Business Training Center of Montgomery Community College, this nail technician training course consists of three classes and takes quite a bit longer to complete than other nail tech courses in the state. But it has the advantage of being a state approved community college that is able to provide many forms of financial aid. In fact, seniors can take the course for half the cost of other students.

The school offers evening classes that can be scheduled very easily around busy working schedules. The courses are completely approved by the Maryland Board of Cosmetology, so students will be well prepared to pass their exams.

Shawntay’s School of Creative Nails

This is a small school that focuses strictly on nail technology. Shawntay’s School focuses on teaching cutting edge techniques to ensure students are in demand when they graduate so they are well prepared for entry level positions in the cosmetology market. They continuously update their program with the newest nail care methods to ensure that they can provide this benefit to their students.

Their courses also included detailed instruction in business skills, marketing, communications and customer service satisfaction. There is no special financial aid available, but students can sign up for payment plants to cover the $2,525 course fee. The program can be completed in as little as 12 weeks, but must be completed within 15 weeks.

Economic Outlook

Nail technologists in Maryland make a fairly good salary compared to others in the nation, at around $10.56 per hour and almost $22,000 per year. Entry level nail technicians may start out with as little as $17,460 per year, but the higher end salaries can be as high as $40,000 per year.

Nail techs can earn a great deal more in tips from happy clients, which goes a long way toward having spending money in between paychecks. Those who open their own salons will have the highest earning potential, and since mobile nail technician businesses are allowed in the state, this can greatly reduce overhead and increase earning potential even further.

Other Nail Tech Schools in Maryland

Here are a few more beauty schools in Maryland that may be able to help you obtain your needed training if the ones above don’t meet your individual needs:

Maryland Beauty Academy

Paul Mitchell Schools The Nail Academy

Aaron’s Academy of Beauty

Now that you know just how quickly you can start your new career as a nail technician in Maryland, why not check out a few of these nail tech schools in Maryland today? You’ll be making great money before you know it and can even start your own business and become your own boss in no time. Don’t wait. Start today!

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