Nail Tech Schools in The State of Maine

If you want to fast track your start in the cosmetology industry, becoming a nail technician in the state of Maine is an excellent choice. Schooling can be completed very quickly and the demand for nail technicians is growing and will most likely continue to grow for at least the next decade.

Before you start, you will need to obtain your professional license from the state’s licensing board.

This article will explain how many hours of training you need to complete, basic training you should expect to receive at qualified schools, about the courses that some of the best schools in the state offer and what the economic outlook is for nail techs in Main.

Licensing Requirements

Maine is one of the easiest states to meet the licensing requirements for classroom hours of nail art instruction. Before you begin your classes you must show that you are at least 17 years old, and that you have successfully completed a 10th grade education or its equivalent.

Once you have satisfied these prerequisites, you must complete 200 hours of classroom education spanning a period of at least five weeks, before you can qualify to take your state licensing exams, which is less than half of the classroom requirements for the national average.

You can also satisfy these requirements by proving experience as a manicuring trainee with a state-qualified professional for at least 400 hours over a period of time no shorter than 10 weeks.

Once you have satisfied these requirements, you must then submit to a criminal background check before you can acquire your license.

The licensing is extremely inexpensive, only costing about $50 with the background check costing $21. But even though the classroom requirements are fairly light, you will need to pass a very stringent exam before you start your practice. No continuing training is required in Maine for nail techs, but the license must be renewed every year before October 31.

Some of The Best Nail Technician Schools in Maine

Aveda Institute Maine

Located in Augusta, Maine, Aveda Institute offers open enrollment so you won’t have to wait to start your training. They have been in operation for two decades now, so the instructors have lots of experience to offer their students and the school has a well established reputation.

With a 30,000 square foot campus, a three hundred seat auditorium and even a school cafe, there is plenty of room for students to receive their instruction in a pleasant environment without feeling cramped.

Tuition is only $2,000, with additional supplies and fees totaling $600. Since the school qualifies to receive Title IV Federal aid, you may be able to take your classes for free or a greatly reduced cost.

Spa Tech Institute

Spa Tech Institute believes that learning to become a manicurist does not just involve simple nail technology classes. The best manicurists learn to pamper their clients and offer the most creative nail art. There is no financial aid offered for the manicuring course, but students can start with a $50 application fee and 25% down payment with a payment plan.

The balance of the course must be paid before graduation, however. The course costs $2,050 total with fees, books and supplies. Students receive discounts on products and supplies in the school bookstore, 4 free massage sessions in the student clinic, product and service vouchers with good attendance and alumni benefits once they graduate in good standing.


Located in Westbrook, Maine, Cosmotech offers nail technology courses in both New Hampshire and Maine. The main emphasis of their program teaches safety and sanitation and people skills so that students can successfully market their skills upon graduation.

In addition, students will learn anatomy and physiology of the nails, how to use all equipment, and will receive 115 hours in manicuring and pedicuring. Their day classes run from Monday through Friday 9AM to 2PM. They have very frequent start dates for their classes so prospective students shouldn’t have to wait long for their first class.

Economic Outlook

On average, nail technicians in Maine earn about $18,540 a year, which is a bit lower than the national median. Tips tend to round out that salary and provide daily spending cash, however. Once a manicurist has a well-established clientele and reputation, they should be able to earn an additional $10,000 or more per year.

The anticipated job growth for this industry is projected to be roughly 10 percent for the next decade, so the outlook for this field is very strong.

Other Nail Tech Schools in Maine

Because the requirements to become a basic manicurist in Maine are so short and simple, becoming a nail technician in the state is a fairly fast process. Most beauty schools offer more extensive cosmetology training, so you may have to dig a bit to find a campus in your area that offers nail technology as a specific program. Here are a few more cosmetology schools in Maine to explore:

Empire Cosmetology

Phagans’ Cosmetology Colleges

Maine is one of the fastest and easiest states in which to begin a cosmetology career as a nail technician. You could even enjoy the ultimate freedom of becoming your own boss by starting your own nail technology business instead of working for someone else.

It’s a fairly lucrative job when tips are included in the salary, so why wait to start when you could begin working as a professional manicurist in just a little over a month? Check out a few of the nail technician schools listed above to learn more about the process of obtaining your license and schedule a tour today!

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