Nail Tech Schools in The State of Louisiana

Becoming a nail tech in Louisiana is a great idea if you want to start your career early. Students can start to learn as early as the age of sixteen and can even work as nail technicians while they attend their final years of high school to save money for a great college.

Not only can you complete your school for a small amount of money, but you can launch your career in as little as five or six months of full time training. Louisiana has specific requirements for training, however, so it’s a good idea to make sure you can fulfill the prerequisite requirements so you can start school as soon as possible.

Read this article to learn what your typical curriculum will be, a bit more about some of the top schools in the state, and what you can expect for salary and employment in this lucrative field.

Licensing Requirements

Nail technicians in Louisiana must pass certain training and meet certain requirements before they can start practicing in the state. First time nail technicians must:

  • Be at least 16 years old,
  • have completed 10th grade at a state approved high school,
  • complete 500 hours of training at an approves school of cosmetology,
  • pass the required State Board tests,
  • and provide payment for the licensing fees.

There are many schools in Louisiana that offer training for students who want to become nail technicians. Below are just a few of the best cosmetology schools in Louisiana that offer the best comprehensive training for aspiring nail technicians and an example of the typical curriculum you can expect.

Typical Curriculum

In order to pass Louisiana ‘s state licensing exam, nail technician students must attain a strong grasp of several areas of study, including:

  • professionalism,
  • client consultation skills,
  • anatomy,
  • physiology,
  • sanitation and safety,
  • extension and fills,
  • acrylic ad gel nails,
  • manicuring,
  • nail care chemistry, and
  • creative art styles.

Many of the better beauty schools in Louisiana will offer had and arm massage techniques and natural nail care techniques as well. You can also choose to attend cosmetology courses instead for a more comprehensive career. Most cosmetology courses offer nail care training, but they take much longer to complete and cost more.

Some of The Best Nail Tech Schools in Louisiana

Pineville Beauty School

Pineville Beauty School offers cosmetology training, teacher training and manicurist training for aspiring nail care technicians. Tuition for their manicuring course is $4,800 with books, fees and professional supplies totally another $490.

It takes five to six months to complete their courses and you can pay for this with Federal financial aid or student loans if you qualify. Training is fairly straighjhtforward along state standard lines with the longest class hours being devoted to “Actual Practice of Manicuring” and “Advanced Nail Techniques,” but they also devote several class hours to ethics, business acumen and professional image and communications.

The school is a member in good standing of the National Accrediting Commission Of Career Arts And Science, Inc and they accept the GI Bill as well.

Cloyd Beauty School

Cloyd’s Beauty Schools, Inc. has a 600 hour hail technician program that takes roughly six months to complete. Their program instruction will include manicures, artificial nail application, pedicures, and professional nail care science.

Guest artists also join the students to demonstrate the newest techniques in nail art and teach students about new products available on the market so that students are up on the latest trends from day one. Students are well prepared to pass state exams by the time they graduate the six month training.

New applicants that meet requirements can also receive Federal financial aid to pay for classes. Cloyd’s has a full time financial aid office that is available during business hours five days a week.

John Jay

John Jay offers manicuring courses at its New Orleans and Kenner campuses. The course costs $5,800 with books and supplies costing an additional $1,000. The program takes 26 weeks to complete, but a few take a little longer.

Their stated goal is to ensure that students gain “theoretical and applicable knowledge and skill in the actual practice of manicuring and pedicuring necessary for successful entry and employment in the manicuring and sculptured nails profession.” They have a very high completion and licensing exam passage rate for their students.

Economic Outlook

Since Louisiana is a state that benefits from a great deal of travel tourism, nail technicians have exceptional career opportunities in their field. They can work at spas, cruise ships, on film and television sets and at high end hotels as well as at the many beauty and nail salons in the state.

Nail technicians can also manage a salon or start their own once they have developed a sufficient clientele. Nail technicians earn an average of $11 an hour and $2,348 per month in Louisiana. While this is lower than the national average by a few hundred dollars a month, their tips are generally very high due to the generosity of the tourist population.

Other Nail Tech Schools in Louisiana

Just in case the above listed schools don’t meet your needs, we’ve included a couple extra schools below:

Opelousas School of Cosmetology

Remington College

D’Jays Institute of Cosmetology and Esthiology

Growth in the career of nail technology is still very strong in the state of Louisana, so it’s a great time to enter the field. Now that you know how easy and fast it is to start your new and profitable career and what training you will need to get your licensing, why not check out a few of the nail tech schools in Louisiana listed above to schedule a tour.

Most of these programs offer assistance to obtain Title IV Federal financial aid as well as scholarships from local and national organizations for students who qualify. You might even be able to finish your training without acquiring any student loan debt.

In just half a year, you can begin your new career in this promising field with little to no debt and top earning power even at entry level jobs in the market.

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