Nail Tech Schools in The State of Kentucky

Choosing to become a nail technician in the state of Kentucky is a fantastic choice of careers. Training is very affordable and you can complete your schooling in a very short amount of time.

Kentucky has very specific requirements that must be fulfilled before beginning your new life in this rewarding and in demand career.

Read this article to learn how to complete your training, how long it will take and where the best schools are in the state. You will also learn about your economic prospects both as a beginner and a well established technician in your field.

Licensing Requirements

You must have a 12th grade education and complete 600 hours of training at a licensed nail technician program to become a licensed nail technician in the state of Kentucky. Once you complete your training, your school will provide your application.

You will then be required to successfully pass both a written and practical examination before your license is issued. There are many beauty schools in Kentucky that offer training programs for prospective nail technicians, both in rural and metropolitan areas. Below is the typical curriculum you can expect at qualified schools and a preview of a few of the best schools in the state.

Typical Curriculum

In order to pass Kentucky’s state licensing exam, nail technician students must attain a strong grasp of several areas of study, including:

  • sterilization,
  • antiseptics,
  • anatomy of the arm, hands, skin, muscles and nerves, and
  • diseases of the nails.

In addition, you will learn techniques for application of tips, wraps, creative nail art, buffing, natural care techniques and how to take care of your equipment. You aren’t required to choose a school that concentrates solely on nail technology to qualify for state licensure. Many cosmetology schools in Ky offer these training courses as part of their comprehensive total cosmetology programs as well if you want to further advance your career goals.

Some of The Best Nail Tech Schools in Kentucky

Trend Setters’ Academy of Beauty Culture, Inc.

Trend Setters’ Academy of Beauty Culture, Inc. has three location in Kentucky:

  • Dixie Highway in Louisville
  • Preston Highway in Louisville
  • Westport Road in Elizabethtown.

Their program covers the basic 600 hours of all state-required education, and they have cosmetology and apprentice instructor courses as well for those who want further education in the field. Trend Setters’ mission is to “provide and maintain a program of education which develops the maximum potential of each individual student.”

Bellefonte Academy

Bellefonte Academy’s nail technician program takes roughly 20 weeks to complete the 600 clock hours of training. Upon completion of the courses, students should be able to:

  • project a positive attitude and self confidence necessary for business communications and self marketing,
  • practice proper grooming and visual poise,
  • engage in effective employer-employee relationships,
  • deliver the best value for services rendered,
  • perform basic extensions, manicures and pedicures, and
  • understand and apply basic nail care theory.

Students will receive both practical lectures and theoretical lectures in the nail care arts. Then, students will learn be watching demonstration of techniques and practicing these techniques themselves during practical clinic participation classes.

Practical assignments will be tailored individually to meet students needs. Once you have completed the courses, you will be qualified to become a nail enhancement specialist, nail salon owner or manager, manicurist, nail artist or even a manufacturer’s representative.

PJ’s College of Cosmetology

PJ’s College of Cosmetology in Bowling Green Kentucky offers a Nail Technician program that can be completed in roughly 20 weeks. It costs a little over $9,000 for the program, but can be paid for with Federal grants, financial aid and student loans.

They do not offer evening classes, with their normal class schedule beginning at 9AM Monday through Friday, so the program is more ideal for people with evening jobs.

Students must be at least 16 years old to begin their training, and have a 12th grade or equivalent education like a GED. Their courses focus on the science and chemistry of nail care for 200 hours, and practical and creative application of nail art for 400 hours, so you will get a very good grasp of both the science of nail care and anatomy and the creative application of the nail care process.

Economic Outlook

Pay for technicians in Kentucky is roughly medium range compared to other states. The average salary of $12.38 per hour along with the low cost of living in Kentucky makes it possible to live a very comfortable lifestyle as a nail technician in this state. Growth in the industry is higher than the national average and expected to remain so for many years to come.

Nail technicians that open their own salons tend to have the best salaries, while those who work for high end salons earn the average wage plus very good tips. Entry level technicians at chain-type nail salons tend to earn the base rate, and this is a good place to start for most.

Other Nail Tech Schools in Kentucky

Here are a few other nail tech schools in Kentucky that provide nail tech instruction or full cosmetology programs:

Appalachian Beauty School

Durham Beauty School

Paul Mitchell Schools

The future for those who want to become nail technicians in Kentucky has never been better, so why not start today? Now that you know how simple and fast training is, what training is required and how to go about getting the best schooling available, try contacting one of the schools listed above.

Most nail technician schools offer Title IV Federal financial aid as well as grants and loans. So, you may be able to finish your education with minimal expenses and even without taking on student loan debt. Imagine getting a start in your new career in as little as 20 weeks, with little or no debt and one of the best incomes for beginning entries in the workforce.

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