Nail Tech Schools in The State of Kansas

Are you ready for a career change? Well, if you would like to get started in a few months instead of four to eight years, you are at the right place. Learning to be a nail technician in Kansas only takes a few months, so you can start your new life right away! Now, how do you get started?

First, you need a license to become a nail technician in Kansas. Once you obtain your license, you will be able to perform pedicures, manicures, nail art, nail extensions and nail decorations.

Licensing Requirements

Becoming a nail technician in the state of Kansas is relatively easy as one needs only 350 hours worth of courses to obtain a license. Once you have completed your required schooling, you will need to place a license application with the Kansas Board of Cosmetology. You will also need to pay a fee of $195 to the state’s licensing board before you take your exams.

Once your training hours at your school, your passing examination scores and your completed application have been acknowledged by the licensing board, you will receive your license and will be free to start your new career.

Typical Curriculum

Your mandatory training topics will include:

  • nail care product chemistry,
  • hand and nail anatomy,
  • how to apply artificial nails,
  • basic manicuring techniques and procedures,
  • basic pedicuring techniques and procedures,
  • sterilization of equipment and sanitation, and
  • basic business practices.

You can obtain these skills at many community colleges and technical schools, as well as beauty colleges. In addition to these basic classes, the better beauty schools in Kansas will also offer courses in the latest nail art techniques and the newest extension techniques.

Some of The Best Nail Technician Schools in Kansas

Crave Beauty Academy

Located in Wichita Kansas, Crave has a focus on natural nail health and beauty. They also teach nail enhancements, nail extensions, spa manicure techniques, pedicure techniques and massage and reflexology methods.

There will be an additional focus on customized moisturizing treatments which help to keep hands and cuticles healthy and strong. Crave also teaches advanced methods of nail filling and nail art with a strong focus on individual creative methods. Crave also believes that it is important to learn strong business management practices and marketing to be successful, so there will be classes to teach this as well.

The 350 hour program will consist of core classes required by the state of Kansas and the extra classes that will provide instruction on developing individual style and marketing so you will be able to develop a larger core clientele after you graduate. The school does qualify for Title IV financial aid, so you will be able to receive financial aid if you qualify.

Johnson County Community College

Johnson County Community College provides the full gambit of cosmetology courses, including nail technology. While gaining your nail technology certificate at this community college located in Overland Park, you will learn:

  • nail enhancement,
  • silk wrap and fiberglass application,
  • applications of tips with overlay,
  • gels and gel polish,
  • sculptured nails,
  • pedicures,
  • natural nail manicure techniques,
  • nail disorders and diseases, and
  • all requirements for Kansas State Board of Cosmetology.

Because it is a community college, you will be required to have a high school transcript or GED to qualify for entrance to the program. You will also be required to pass basic English or an equivalent program with a C or higher grade or pass a reading placement test with a score subject to department approval.

You will be qualified to take the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology Manicurist licensing exams upon completion of the course and since the college is a licensed community college, you will be able to apply for Title IV aid if you qualify.

Kansas City Kansas Community College

The nail technology program at Kansas City Community College is broken up into five different courses covering a total of 15 course credit hours:

  • Scientific Concepts 3 credit hours
  • Manicuring Skills 3 credit hours
  • Artificial nails 5 credit hours
  • Business Practices 3 credit hours
  • Kansas State Law Nail Technology 1 credit hour

You will be required to acquire a score of at least 60 on their ACCUPLACER test before you can begin registration for the program. Once you have completed the course, you will be fully qualified for testing with the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology Manicurist licensing program upon paying your fees and proving your passing credit hours in the course.

This is a very basic, cut and dried course that focuses entirely on training students to pass the state exam, so you may want to consider additional training elsewhere to learn more creative nail art techniques, but students who pass the course are well equipped to pass the state exams. This community college also qualifies for Title IV aid.

Economic Outlook

Nail techs in Kansas earn between $7.84 and $21.00 per hour with the median wage being roughly $11. This means that the average annual salary will be roughly $22,500. Once a nail technician has started his or her own business and builds their own clientele, they can expect to earn much more, even over $40,000 per year.

Other Nail Tech Schools in Kansas

Kansas is rather sparsely populated, so most of the best schools are in it’s few metropolitan areas. There aren’t an enormous number of schools, but you do have a few to choose from. Here are a few extra schools that offer either nail technology courses or full cosmetology courses where you can get a larger degree.

Almost all cosmetology schools in Kansas offer technology courses as well, but you will be required to get a full technology degree which costs a bit more and takes a bit more time.

Washburn Tech Community College

Hayes Academy

Now that you can see how quick and easy it is to become a licensed nail technician in Kansas, and how profitable it can be, why not get started today? You can try the schools we have listed here and see just how accommodating and friendly they are.

Before you know it, you will be part of Kansas’s profitable beauty industry, and building a clientele of your own before you know it. You can even start your own nail technician business, either with an existing beauty salon, or at a new salon of your own. Don’t wait, give them a call today!

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