Nail Tech Schools in The State of Indiana

Congratulations on your new career choice as a certified nail technician. This is a very good career path to take since demand for nail technicians is better than the national average.

Of course, prospective students must first pass the state’s licensing and examination requirements before they can start their practice as certified nail technicians. This includes completion of a specified amount of specific training before one learns the basic fundamentals of nail art.

While meeting these requirements may seem like a lot of work, it’s important to understand that being a great nail technician requires more than just skills to apply a beautiful manicure. The best nail technicians in the state will be masters of infection control, anatomy and physiology as well as the latest fashions.

This article will guide prospective students through the basic licensing process in Indiana while explaining the basic expectations that are required before one can start their new career in nail care.

Licensing Requirements

Nail technician students in Indiana must complete 450 clock hours at a state accredited school and pass the state board exam. Since the state exam includes both a written and practical examination, students will need to be well versed in both the technical requirements of nail care and basic sanitation and safety methods.

The test can be retaken, so students don’t have to fear failing the first test, but it’s advisable to ensure that you can pass the first time with a good program, since the testing fees must be paid for each attempt. The state will ensure that students who need special accommodations will have the help they need and access requirements to pass the test.

Typical Training Requirements

Basic training programs must include certain classes to ensure that students are qualified to pass state exams:

  • basic manicure and pedicure techniques,
  • safe chemistry,
  • guest satisfaction and customer service,
  • basic business management,
  • sculpting,
  • safety and sanitation,
  • hands on training, and
  • preparation for state examinations.

Prospective students should ensure that their potential schools have classes that cover these basic requirements while also covering the latest techniques in nail art and styles.

Some of The Best Nail Technician Schools in Indiana

Don Roberts Beauty School

Don Roberts Beauty School in Indiana helps its students obtain the state required 450 hours of training for a cost of roughly $9,000. Their education costs include all of the necessary books and equipment. Since the school has quarterly classes that offer enrollment throughout the year, prospective students never have to wait for very long to start their training.

Students can only enroll in one program at a time, so those who want to pursue additional training in the field of cosmetology should probably complete this course first, since it is one of the easiest and fastest to complete in Indiana. Credit hours from other programs will be applicable to any further courses that students wish to enroll in at the school. Even better, students can qualify for financial aid for several different programs at the school, so they don’t have to settle for qualifying in just one field.

Rudae’s School of Beauty Culture

Rudae’s comprehensive manicuring course consists of 600 clock hours of highly technical training. This is 150 more hours than the state of Indiana requires for licensing, so students should be well advanced beyond the basic requirements. The school decided to include the additional 150 clock hours of education because they saw that students needed to gain additional experience in practical training and technical skills in order to be competitive forces in the nail care market.

Therefore, they have added 15 hours in basic sanitation, 40 hours in advanced manicuring techniques, 25 hours in pedicures, and 70 hours in the most advanced nail art. The school believes that students will benefit from these additional training hours to graduate with more artistic confidence and skills.

Tricoci University of Beauty Culture

Tricoci University of Beauty Culture offers a course in nail technology that can be completed in just six months. The course consists of 600 clock hours in:

  • sanitation,
  • anatomy and pathology,
  • rules and laws,
  • manicuring and pedicuring,
  • basic chemistry, and
  • client relations.

In addition to these basic skills, students will learn how to apply overlays, fiberglass, sculptures, gel nails and extensions. Their nail technology program is offered at the Indianapolis campus only. The course will fully prepare students to pass the state required tests and manage their own business in the state or obtain gainful employment with a local salon.

Economic Outlook

The mean hourly wage for manicurists and pedicurists in Indiana is currently $18,000 to $22,000 per year. This may not seem like a great deal, but it is well above average for the national salary reports and most technicians earn tips on a daily basis as well.

Growth for this career choice is growing at slightly above the national average. Indiana, with its robust tourist attractions and lake resorts, is the perfect place to begin a cosmetology career.

Day spas and beauty salons are a frequent stopping point for travelers who want to add a little pampering to their vacation experience. Ultimately, employment growth for this field is projected to grow roughly 10% by the year 2024, so job security is practically ensured..

Other Nail Tech Schools in Indiana

In case the previous schools do not meet your current needs, here are another great nail technology school in Indiana:

Indiana Cosmetology Academy

Great! Now that you’ve learned a bit more about the requirements to become a nail technician in Indiana and read about a few of the better nail tech schools in Indiana, you’re well on your way to starting your new future. Why not contact a few of these schools and schedule a tour of visit?

Most campuses will accommodate new students by offering free tours at certain hours of the week along with comprehensive intake counseling. Tourists aren’t the only ones who are waiting for the favorite new nail artist to joint the field.

Politicians and business professionals want picture perfect nails as well. Not only is nail technology a fast way to launch your new career in the beauty industry, but it is one of the most affordable ways to join the licensed world of cosmetology as well.

There’s no limit to your career choices once you graduate and you can even start your own business or become a beauty expert for the stars. Whether you choose a full time career or want to simply work part time while you pursue additional training, your investment in your education will be paying for itself in no time. So don’t be shy, make a call today and get started with your new life making the world a more beautiful place.

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