Nail Tech Schools in The State of Idaho

If you have a flair for artistry and love to make the world a more beautiful place, becoming a nail technician can be your avenue to a successful new career. This is also one of the fastest ways to enter the beauty industry, with some licensing courses being as short as just a few months.

Many new students keep their current jobs as they attend school so that they can pay for the tuition without taking on additional student loan debt. Some students also choose to work as nail technicians while pursuing additional education as a stylist or cosmetologist.

Licensing Requirements

Nail Technicians in Idaho have to apply for a license after completing 400 hours of professional schooling or 800 hours of apprenticeship. Before they can be granted their license, students must also pass their state licensing exam.

Out of state applications can receive reciprocity for their current state license as well without the need for additional training. The current state licensing fee for out of state applicants is $100. Idaho has some of the lowest training fees in the United States, and since reciprocity is so simple, it’s a snap to transfer to the state.

Typical Training

There are varied advanced techniques taught at each nail school in Idaho, but every school has basic curriculum that must be learned in order to pass the state licensing test. These areas of study include:

  • cutting and shaping nails,
  • nail art and polishing,
  • buffing,
  • filing,
  • cleaning,
  • wraps and extensions,
  • safe use of electrical appliances,
  • safe use of chemicals,
  • cleansing,
  • massage of hands, arms, feet and legs, and
  • basic sanitation.

Since the state requires a full 400 hours of clock study, most schools divide these skills into several courses covering 50 to 200 clock hours. All schools will include experience with real clients as well, often through discounted services offered to the public.

Some of The Best Nail Tech Schools in Idaho

Vogue Beauty College and Salon

Class sizes at the Vogue Beauty College and Salon are very small, from for to six students, so hands on instruction will be very detailed. Tuition totals $3,506 dollars and includes the state board exam fee of $176 and first year license fee of $10.

The program focuses on foundations of nail technology, equipment sanitation, safety, and professionalism in the work place. Students will also gain hands on instruction in extensions, gel polish systems, and the latest manicuring and pedicuring techniques.

The school also offers courses in cosmetology, esthetics and student instruction for those who want to continue their education once they have started their careers and certified nail technicians.

Austin Kade Academy

Austin Kade offers its nail technology course in Idaho Falls. There program is designed to be completed in a very short amount of time, even if the student needs flexible hours. They offer both day and night courses so students can complete their courses while continuing their regular work responsibilities.

Their completion rates are decently high at 68%, with their job placement rates at a very good 75%. 98% of the students who complete their programs pass the state licensing exams.

Since they are a nationally accredited school, students will be able to take advantage of their educational investment even after they move to another state.

Paul Mitchell School

Paul Mitchell students have the significant advantage of being able to graduate from a nationally recognized school. Their studies will be applicable to most states that require licensing, so they will be able to take qualifying examinations in the states that provide reciprocity.

Not only will Paul Mitchell students learn the most advanced nail care techniques, but they will also gain mastery of business management, and client satisfaction so they can maximize their earning potential with tips. Technical instruction will include:

  • art and design,
  • safety, sanitation and sterilization, and
  • massage for hands, arms and feet.

Economic Outlook

Becoming a nail technician in Idaho can be a fairly profitable career move. While base salary is only between $22,000 and $23,000 per year, nail technicians with satisfied customers often make sizable tips as well. Growth in the industry is projected to be around 10% for the next 7 years.

This is faster than the national average, so job security is likely to be high. Additionally, nail technicians have the opportunity to work for themselves, with 3 out of 10 people currently working in this field being self employed.

Since income is often highest for those who manage their own salons, being a nail technician can be a decently lucrative career choice.

Other Nail Tech Schools in Idaho

Here are a couple more schools in the state of Idaho that offer nail programs or comprehensive cosmetology programs as well:

Oliver Finley Academy

The School of Hairstyling

Now that you can see how easy it is to start your training as a nail technician in Idaho, you can try out a few of the schools we listed above by scheduling a tour. Almost all cosmetology schools and nail tech schools in Idaho offer free tours at certain times with options to speak to intake officers or financial aid officers once the tour is complete.

Since some of the beauty schools in Idaho even offer rolling start dates, you could be as little as six months away from a lucrative new career.

Whether you decide to work at a local salon or run your own business, you future is in your hands (and the hands of your customers as well!)

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