Nail Tech Schools in The State of Florida

So you’ve decided to fast track your start in the beauty industry by becoming a nail technician. This is an excellent career choice as demand for workers in the beauty industry in Florida is very high and still going up. Now that you’ve decided on your new path, where do you start?

First, you have to get your official license from the state of Florida. To do this, you must complete the state-required hours of training at a qualified nail technician school or qualified cosmetology school in Florida. Then you must earn a passing grade on the state examinations.

These things are required because nail technicians need to follow specific rules for health and safety reasons. This is a very doable goal, however, and one of the most low-budget ways to start your career in the beauty industry.

Licensing Requirements

Florida has one of the more easy requirements for classroom hours of nail art instruction. You must complete 240 hours of classroom education in order to qualify to take your state exams, which is only about 1/3 of the classroom requirements for the national average. You must then apply for the state license after completing your training.

Like most states, you will need to pass a very stringent exam before you start your practice. 16 hours of continuing education are required before nail technicians renew their license every two years.

Typical Curriculum

State licensing exams in Florida will focus on:

  • manicures,
  • nail tips,
  • nail wraps,
  • polish,
  • sculptured nails,
  • and most importantly, client protection.

Therefore, all schools concentrate on these areas for their basic curriculum. Most schools also give instruction in advanced procedures such as gel toes, nail art and airbrushing as well. As long as you get passing grades and completely master the bulleted skills above, you will do well on your state exams and acquire your license with no problems at all.

Some of The Best Nail Tech Schools in Florida

Boca Beauty Academy

Boca Beauty Academy has day, evening and Saturday classes available to meet the scheduling needs of even the busiest students. The have new classes that begin every month, so new students don’t need to wait long to start.

They also have alternative funding options available for those who need help paying for their classes. During their 240 hours of clock training, students will learn how to paint, sculpt and design with the latest techniques available. In addition to learning how to apply acrylics, gels, silk wraps and other extensions, students will gain instruction in gamma nail technique along with spa and aromatherapy treatments for those customers who want a little extra pampering with their nail care visit.

Kaizen Beauty Academy

Kaizen Beauty Academy’s 240 hour program focuses on giving students the insight into every area of nail technology, including:

  • client communication,
  • human relations,
  • infection prevention,
  • first aid,
  • technology courses, and
  • business management.

Once students have completed their training, including clinical service and their final exam, they will be ready to register for their state licensing. Infection control training includes a four hour course in AIDS/HIV prevention to ensure their future clients receive the safest nail care experience possible.

They will also learn about Florida’s requirements for business owners and about the specific laws that nail technicians must adhere to in the state.

Parisian Spa Institute

Parisian Spa Institute’s programs consist of 300 hours of concentrated training in the fields of:

  • acrylics,
  • soakable gels,
  • equipment safety,
  • spa treatments, and
  • management.

In addition to these basic areas, students will learn how to safely apply enhancements and extensions as well as the latest nail art techniques. Since the school qualifies to provide Federal financial aid and Pell Grants to students who qualify, income is no bar to continuing education.

Those students who want to continue their education once they have qualified for state licensing can take additional courses in cosmetology, massage therapy, and skin care as well.

Economic Outlook

Nail technologist salaries in Florida are among the highest for the field in the nation, with salaries ranging between $27,000 and $43,000 per year. The average beginner will earn only in the high $20,000’s but advance to a median of well over $45,000 with experience. Part of the reason for this great pay rate is that Florida has a huge travel industry.

Cruise ship customers are always looking for a little pampering before the night out, so employment in this field is definitely boosted by the state’s marvelous tourism. Even better, the anticipated growth rate for this field is projected to be around 10% for the next 8 years, so job security won’t be a concern.

Other Nail Tech Schools in Florida

Because the requirements to become a basic nail technician in Florida are so simple, becoming a nail technician in the state is a fairly easy process. However, most nail tecnician schools in the state offer training in nails as well as hair and aesthetics because most students choose to advance their beauty career beyond nail care once they have achieved their license.

Here are a couple of nail tech schools in Florida that offer extensive training:

Artistic School of Nails and Cosmetology

Hollywood Institute

Now that you know how easy it is to become a nail technician in Florida, and just how lucrative your now career choice can be, why not start today? Try contacting the schools listed above and see how soon you can enter the beauty industry as a qualified and licensed professional.

You will be able to cash in on Florida’s bountiful tourism industry and build a clientele of locals for all other seasons. You can even be your own boss if you start your own business. So why wait? Start today!

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