Nail Tech Schools in The State of California

Have you decided that it’s time to start a new career? Becoming a nail technician can be a great start in the state of California. High tourism in the state ensures that demand remains high as travelers look for a little pampering while on vacation.

In addition, Hollywood is chock full of people who have to look their best while on screen. From movie stars to commercial actors, there is always a need for skilled technicians who can ensure that hands for both men and women always look well-manicured and professional.

Before you start, however, you must obtain a license to practice your art from the state licensing authority. This means that you will have to complete the specified hours of training and then pass the state exam. This article will show you what you need to get your nail technician license from California and explain what curriculum you are likely to cover.

In addition, we’ll tell you about some of the better schools in the state so you can get a better feel for what nail technician schools in California have to offer.

Licensing Requirements

New nail technicians in California must complete a 400 hour course of training, and the program must be approved by the California State Board. The state also allows nail technicians to fulfill this requirement through an apprenticeship program, but it requires a lot more work to complete. In order to fulfill this requirement, apprentices must complete 3,200 hours of experience in a salon in addition to 220 classroom hours.

The apprenticeship must also last a minimum of two years. Therefore, completing a state approved course is the fastest way to become a nail technician in California. Once the required training is complete, students and apprentices must pass a licensing test that includes both a written and practical exam before they can receive their license to practice in the field.

Typical Curriculum

The typical curriculum for nail technicians in the state of California will include very technical classes because the state has very stringent educational requirements. Their practical and written exams will contain very technical questions as well. A qualified beauty school in California will have courses that focus in anatomy and physiology, safe application of chemicals, infection control, sterilization, and pathology of the hands and feet.

You should look for these courses in a school’s class lineup as well as for the latest nail art techniques in order to ensure that you have the knowledge required to pass the state’s practical and written exams the first time.

Some of The Best Nail Tech and Cosmetology Schools in California

Western Barber Institute

The nail care courses at Western Barber Institute are a bit longer than the state requirement, requiring 600 clock hours to complete, but the training is well worth it. Their classes focus on both the art and the science of nail care with courses covering anatomy, physiology and pathology.

Their technical instruction includes theory lectures, participation in a classroom environment, demonstrations by instructors, and practical examinations that will prepare the student for their upcoming state exams. They offer both morning and evening classes so students can work around their busy schedules or even keep their jobs as they train for their new career.

International School of Beauty

International School of Beauty has great graduation statistics. Between July 1, 2009 and June 2010, 100 percent of their class graduated on time and every single one of their graduates got great jobs. Even better, their median debt as they graduated was $0, although the program is not covered by financial aid. The school’s curriculum concentrates on 400 clock hours of technical instruction that includes:

  • demonstrations,
  • lectures,
  • practical classroom participation, and
  • practical exams.

A full 146 hours are devoted to theory and experience that train students in all the phases of the manicure including disinfection training and safe use of chemicals. Students also learn the basics of infection control and anatomy and physiology.

Lu Ross Academy

Lu Ross’s manicuring courses are also 600 hours in order to help students become fully prepared for their practical and written state exams. They provide their nail technician courses in partnership with Creative Nail Design so students will be on the cutting edge of new nail care and nail art techniques when they start their new jobs.

In addition to the state mandated curriculum, Lu Ross also teaches shellac, gels, 3D gels, french manicures and the latest acrylic techniques. For an added marketable job skill, students will learn basic reflexology as well.

Economic Outlook

California has the highest level of employment in the United States for qualified nail technicians. This is not surprising since California is central to the entertainment industry and also a huge magnet for tourists. Therefore, nail technicians in the state have fantastic earning potential and it’s projected to stay that way since growth is projected to grow by roughly 10% by the year 2024. The mean hourly wage is $10.69 per hour, with annual mean wages around $22,240 per year, but most nail technicians make much more than this with tips from satisfied customers.

Other Nail Tech Schools in California

California is a big state with lots of options for great schools. Here are a few more schools that offer nail technician training in the state:

Santa Anna Beauty Academy

International College of Cosmetology

Great! Now that you’ve learned a bit more about the requirements to become a nail technician in California and read about a few of the better schools, you’re well on your way to starting your new future. Why not contact a few of these schools and schedule a tour of visit?

Most campuses will accommodate new students by offering free tours at certain hours of the week along with comprehensive intake counseling. Actors and tourists aren’t the only ones who are waiting for the favorite new nail artist to joint the field. Politicians and business professionals want picture perfect nails as well.

Not only is nail technology a fast way to launch your new career in the beauty industry, but it is one of the most affordable ways to join the licensed world of cosmetology as well. There’s no limit to your career choices once you graduate and you can even start your own business or become a beauty expert for the stars.

Whether you choose a full time career or want to simply work part time while you pursue additional training, your investment in your education will be paying for itself in no time. So don’t be shy, make a call today and get started with your new life making the world a more beautiful place.

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