Nail Tech Schools in South Dakota

South Dakota sees a lot of tourism from those who wish to see our beautiful Mount Rushmore and the Badlands.

While those tourists are winding down and enjoying the beauty of our state, they look to professionals in the beauty industry for a little well-deserved vacation pampering.

This is where you will come in. Not just anyone can become a nail tech in South Dakota because all applicants must have graduated high school or equivalent and turned 18 before they can join the field, so once you obtain your state license, you’ll be well on your way to a strongly in-demand career.

Licensing Requirements

As stated above, applicants for state licensing must be at least 18 years of age and have graduated high school or completed their GED before they are qualified to sit for their first licensing exam. In addition to this, applicants must complete 400 clock hours of training at a state approved program.

Unlike other states which only require two licensing tests for new applicants, South Dakota requires their applicants to pass three tests before they can receive their license. These tests are the NIC national written, NIC national practical and South Dakota state laws and rules test. Licensed nail techs must also renew their license on a yearly basis while most other states only require bi-annual renewals.

Typical Training

South Dakota has very stringent standards for the training they require of their new nail technicians, so students should expect to learn highly technical information about nail care and safety measures.

At a minimum, students should expect to spend roughly 60 hours learning hygiene, infection control, pathology of the nails, hands and feet, and the applicable state laws. Another 60 hours should be spent on anatomy, physiology and chemistry so that nail care products can be safely used.

Students should also spend at least 60 hours learning practical business management. The remaining hours will focus on various nail art techniques, including tips, wraps, gel nails, sculptured nails, and basic manicure and pedicure techniques.

Some of The Best Nail Technician Schools in South Dakota

Desaree and Company

Desaree and Company is one of the few beauty schools in South Dakota that offers a stand alone nail technology program in addition to traditional cosmetology courses. During the 400 hour program, students will learn the latest techniques in nail extension, wraps and design so they can be competitive in this underserved market in the state.

Their course work will include spa treatment, use of the electric filer, gel nails, nylon wraps and acrylic nails. The technical side of training will focus on retail management, client service and a basic understanding of nail anatomy, physiology and pathology.

Class size is never over ten students, so all can receive the hands on experience that they need to excel. The school also understands that today’s beauty market is based in a media centered culture, so the program makes extensive use of modern information technology in their lesson structure. This helps their graduates to start out, and stay on the cutting edge of South Dakota’s beauty industry.

In order to join the program, students must be at least 17 years old, have graduated high school or obtained their GED and pass an enrollment interview. The estimated cost of the program is roughly $4,097, but is subject to change. Class hours are 8:30 am to 5pm Monday through Friday. No weekend hours are required and the program takes 10 weeks to complete.

Stewart School

Stewart School offers nail technology classes, but requires that they be taken concurrently with their esthetics program, so when you graduate and pass your state licensing tests, you’ll be an esthetician too.

Headlines Academy

Headlines Academy offers courses in esthetics. massage and nail technology as well as the traditional cosmetology course. They have two class start dates each year, so there could be up to a 6 month wait to start your courses.

The curriculum will cover electric files, nail disorders and safety as well as covering all of the traditional and new nail art styles.

Economic Outlook

There are currently only about 70 nail technicians in South Dakota, and boy do they get paid. Average yearly salary for nail technicians in South Dakota is over $29,000 with a mean hourly wage of $14.23. Starting nail technicians can expect to make just over $22,000 per year while top earners in the state make per $38,000 per year, so this job is no slouch in the paycheck department.

This is partially due to the tourism trade in the state, as many tourists come to South Dakata not just from other states, but from all over the world to see Mount Rushmore. On top of this generous salary, almost all nail technicians make daily tips as well, so daily cash flow is never a problem.

Other Nail Tech Schools in South Dakota

Black Hills Beauty College

Fantastic! Now you know how to get your nail technology license and where to find the best nail technician schools in South Dakota, so why not call a school near you to see what they have to offer. The sooner you start, the sooner you will be on your way to your lucrative new career!

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