Nail Tech Schools in South Carolina

Nail technology provides a very early path to a new career for many South Carolina youth because in this state, nail techs can start as early as 16 years of age and with a minimum of a 10th grade education.

As long as you have completed the state’s required training and passed the licensing exams you can even work as a nail technician to save money for college while you finish high school.

It’s also a great career path for older adults who would like a change of pace or direction in their daily work because many nail technology jobs have flexible schedules.

In fact, many nail techs are their own boss! Read below to learn how to join this lucrative career.

Licensing Requirements

As stated above, nail technicians in South Carolina can begin their careers as early as 16 years of age once they have completed a 10th grade or equivalent education. The schooling requirements are relatively light at only 300 hours with a state approved school.

The written and practical exams are administered by Professional Credential Services and cover the basics of safety, sanitation and state laws as well as the basic techniques for standard nail care.

Typical Training

Students at a state approved nail care program in Sough Carolina should expect to spend at least 75 hours learning sanitation and infection control, 30 hours learning anatomy and physiology, 25 hours learning the use of electrical devices, and 15 hours on the pertinent state laws.

The remaining hours will be spent learning the use of tips, wraps and repairs along with basic and advanced manicure and pedicure methods. The best beauty schools in South Carolina will also instruct students in hand and leg massage along with advanced spa care techniques.

Some of The Best Nail Technician Schools in South Carolina

The Institute of Beauty Artistry

IBA’s most important goal for their students is that they excel in their field. They are so confident that their program will help successful graduates prosper in the beauty industry that they offer lifetime job placement assistance absolutely free. As a small, family owned school, they take pride in their family atmosphere and the personal connection they make with all of their students.

Their school director, Mrs. Betty, has 26 years of experience in the industry and has been a Nail Artistry instructor for more than a decade, so it’s safe to say that she’s seen it all. She also likes to joke that she is so in depth with the industry that “nail polish and monomer” run through her veins instead of blood. Creating beautiful art is her life.

The school uses kits by OPI, and the cost of the kit is $500. As an OPI preferred school, they offer the monthly scholarship program from OPI which selects 24 students per year to receive a $500 scholarship.

Class hours are from 9am to 3:30pm Monday through Thursday, so you’ll be able to keep your weekend job while you learn or just have your weekends to yourself. The classes take between 10 and 12 weeks to complete and the school has a 95% graduation rate.

The Academy of Hair Technology

The Academy of Hair Technology doesn’t just do hair. They also teach students the latest state of the art techniques for nail care. Their 300 hour program is offered during the evenings only, so you can keep your day job while you learn. Class hours are from 6pm till 10 pm Tuesday through Thursday every week.

Charleston Cosmetology Institute

Charleston Cosmetology Institute has a very affordable nail technology program at $5,150 for equipment, books and tuition. They perform periodic examinations to help students to get used to the testing process so they are more comfortable with the state exams. Students are required to maintain a passing score of 75% or better to earn their diploma, so no student is released to state testing before they are ready.

Economic Outlook

There are only about 180 nail techs in South Carolina, so there is plenty of room for the industry to grow in the state. The average salary is about $12.50 per hour, which isn’t bad. But the surprising fact about nail technician salaries in the state is that those who earn in the top 90% of their field in South Carolina make an astounding $47,000 per year.

That’s even more than nail technicians in North Carolina, who have a larger average salary, but no where near the earning potential at the top 90% of their field.

Other Nail Tech Schools in South Carolina

Aiken School of Cosmetology

Academy of Nail Technology and Esthetics

Paul Mitchell Schools

Now that you know how easy it is to join the beauty industry and just how many nail technician schools in South Carolina are available to serve your needs, there’s no better time to call a few and schedule a tour.

Choosing the right cosmetology school in South Carolina for your new career is never a decision to take lightly, but each school has intake counselors who can help you decide if their particular school and teaching style is a match for you.

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