Nail Tech Schools in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a tiny state, but it has a big demand for nail artists. Not just anyone can become a nail technician in the state, however. There are specific requirements to join the field that include schooling and licensing from the state’s licensing board.

Never fear though, you can complete these requirements in just a few weeks and be on your way to a lucrative new career in no time flat.

Read this article to learn more about how to find the right cosmetology school in Rhode Island, what your licensing requirements will be and what you can expect to make in your first few years as a nail artist.

Licensing Requirements

Rhode Island nail technicians must satisfactorily complete 300 hours of training at a state approved nail technology program and pass the written and practical state licensing exam before they are qualified to receive their state license.

There are no apprenticeship programs in the state, so completion of this training is the only route to obtaining this license as a first time applicant.

The fees for licensing and exam are relatively low at $25 for the application and $75 for the state testing, so it’s very affordable to become a nail technician in the state considering the low requirements for schooling hours as well.

Typical Training

You might wonder why one must jump through so many hurdles to do something as simple as painting nails, but the truth is, it’s not that simple. Nail care is not just an art, it’s a science, and one that can have consequences if not respected. Nail technicians must learn how to apply chemicals, tips and wraps without damaging the nails.

Additionally, they must learn how to practice nail care in a way that protects consumers from the spread of infection and to recognize nail conditions that counter-indicate the use of certain products and techniques. Students must be able to demonstrate an absolute mastery of this knowledge before they can be licensed to work with the general public.

Some of The Best Nail Technician Schools in Rhode Island

Aveda Institute

The Aveda Institute of Rhode Island is part of a larger chain of beauty schools in Rhode Island that places a special emphasis on natural beauty care. Their nail care courses are no exception, as they emphasize the use of pure botanicals and plant essences in their treatment methods.

Their natural approach to nail care still focuses on the essential scientific topics that a student must learn to pass their state exam, including anatomy and physiology of the nails, pathology and infection control.

The best thing about Aveda Institute is the student support during floor training hours. Students are encouraged to develop friendships and provide support for each other as they begin to work with actual customers.

They can share their creative techniques and skills with each other even as they learn the skills that are included in their curriculum. They even have a section of their website that shares images and instructionals for various hair care and nail care trends made by students and teachers.

As an added bonus, every student receives an iPad as part of their course equipment that is theirs to keep.

Rob Roy Academy

Rob Roy will help students to learn each of the skills needed to pass their state licensing exams while helping them learn to be masters of the business world. Students will graduate with the entreprenurial skills to manage a salon or even start their own business.

Economic Outlook

Nail technicians in Rhode Island make a fairly high salary compared to other states, but the cost of living is quite high too. Therefore, Rhode Island nail techs earn an average living compared to other states.

Growth in the industry is quite good, with the projected growth rate of 10% being quite a bit higher than the national average. Since most nail technicians make tips from their employment as well, even the lower paying jobs at chain salons can provide for a very comfortable and stable living.

Other Nail Tech Schools in Rhode Island

Empire Beauty School

Newport School of Hairdressing

There’s no better time to start your bright new future in the beauty industry than today. So, why not call a few of these nail technician schools in Rhode Island to talk to an intake adviser or schedule a tour today?

Before you know it, you could be managing your own salon and enjoying the flexibility and freedom that a career in nail art has to offer.