Nail Tech Schools in Pennsylvania

The City of Brotherly Love isn’t the only place in Pennsylvania that needs more nail technicians for this section of the booming beauty industry.

Even the rural areas of Pennsylvania have a need for these artistic professionals.

So chances are you’ll be in high demand once you become a full fledged nail technician no matter where you live in the state. To become a nail tech, you don’t just need a keen interest in making beautiful nail art.

You will also need to obtain specific schooling and then obtain a license from the state’s licensing board.

Licensing Requirements

Pennsylvania has some of the lightest schooling requirements in the nation to become a nail technician. Prospective nail techs are only required to complete 200 hours of schooling with a state approved program, with the hours to be earned in not less than one month.

Applicants must have completed at least a 10th grade education or equivalent before they can sit for their written and practical exam, which they must pass before they can receive their license.

Typical Training

Pennsylvania has very particular requirements for nail technology lessons, yet as long as these requirements are fulfilled, cosmetology schools in Pennsylvania may focus on whichever techniques they chose to concentrate on.

Of these hours, 25 should be focused on professional practice lessons, 75 hours should be focused on the science of nail care, 75 hours should be spent on specific nail care treatments, and 25 hours should focus on pedicure techniques.

It is very important to learn the science based lessons very well because the state’s licensing test will have quite a few questions in this area. So get your equipment ready.

Some of The Best Nail Technician Schools in Pennsylvania

The Beauty School

The Beauty School in Allentown Pennsylvania has been accredited as a cosmetology school since 1980, so it’s safe to say they definitely know what they are doing at this point. They offer cosmetology, barbering, esthetics courses and even makeup courses.

And of course they offer a nail technology course at their Allentown campus. Their 200 hour course teaches cutting edge design techniques, safety and sanitation, product use, and most importantly, career building lessons. All of these lessons are geared toward helping students competently pass their state licensing tests with flying colors.

As students master their skills, they will work with real clients so they can build their customer service and etiquette skills while polishing up on their art techniques. Art techniques will place special emphasis on gel set applications, acrylic application techniques and gel nail polish.

The school has financial aid advisers to help students of all means be able to afford their lessons. Even better, the school is fully qualified to participate in Title IV federal financial aid including Pell Grants and student loans, both subsidized and unsubsidized.

South Hills and North Hills Beauty Academy

You can learn to become a nail technician in as little as 2.5 months with the Beauty Academy. Their classes use instructional lectures with visual aids and hands on demonstration to teach both complex and basic nail art techniques.

Altoona Beauty School

Altoona Beauty School strives to ensure that their students are ready to work at any level of salon or spa with excellent service on their very first day of employment. They use several different product lines so that students have the opportunity to experiment instead of being locked into just one line as well so they can adapt to everything from natural nail care to all types of cutting edge artificial nail technology.

Economic Outlook

Pennsylvania nail techs make a bit less than the national average for their starting salary–roughly around $16,600 for the most entry level position or the lowest earners. They also have a slightly higher salary for experienced and well established nail techs than the national average–roughly around $33,000 per year.

Increasing this income is tips from satisfied customers, so earnings can be quite substantial for such a small amount of educational investment. The average hourly salary in Pennsylvania is about $10.85 per hour, but the best paying nail technician jobs are usually salaried positions at health spas and for those who own their own salons.

Other Nail Tech Schools in Pennsylvania

Bucks County School of Beauty and Culture

Jolie Academies

Laurel Business Institute

Great! At this point, you are ready to check out a few of the beauty schools in Pennsylvania listed above to see which one is right for you. You might want to schedule a tour with those schools who make the top of your list so you can get a feel for their culture and support system. Most nail technician schools in Pennsylvania are happy to schedule a tour with prospective students during business hours. Whichever school you choose, good luck to you in your exciting new career choice.

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