Nail Tech Schools in Oregon

If you would like to join the fast paced beauty industry, but can’t afford to spend four years in school, becoming a nail technician is a great way to start. The training only takes a few weeks to complete, while the income can be quite substantial.

Oregon is a great state to start a new career as a nail technician because there are plenty of available schools in the state that teach the skill. Chances are, you will find a training center very close to your home. Of course, you must choose the right school and meet the state’s training requirements before you can begin working as a nail technician.

Read below to learn how to get your training and license in the state of Oregon and how much you should expect to earn.

Licensing Requirements

Nail technicians only need to complete 350 hours of training before they can apply for the state licensing test in Oregon.

The classes you must complete are set by the Higher Education Coordinating Commission’s Private Career Schools Licensing Unit and include 150 hours of safety/infection control and 100 hours of career development.

Once you complete this education, you will need to pass both a practical and written examination before you can receive your license in the field. The nail exam will cover histology of the skin and nails, anatomy of the hands and feet, bacteriology and safe use of chemicals and devices as well as Federal regulations and standards, so it’s best to find a school that thoroughly covers these areas very well.

Typical Training

Nail techs in Oregon must be trained to cut, trim, massage, clean, polish and apply artificial nails in order to pass their state licensing exams. They will also be required to know and be able to follow all applicable state laws.

Most beauty schools in Oregon will include courses in retail management, client record keeping, business ethics, and personal skills. The best cosmetology schools in Oregon will include intensive instructions in gel manicures, the newest nail art, and the most relaxing massage techniques as well.

Some of The Best Nail Technician Schools in Oregon

The Aesthetics Institute

The Aesthetics Institute of Portland isn’t just another beauty school. It’s a full service salon and spa that offers esthetics, electrology and nail technology. Their nail tech courses are exceptionally advanced, and instruct students in the latest fashion trends and nail care as well as the important technical information that students need to pass their state licensing exams.

Courses start every two months and are available for both part time and full time schedules, so you won’t have to wait long to begin your training and you can work around your own schedule. They are open only during the weekdays from 9 to 5 Monday through Thursday and 9 to 1 on Fridays, so your weekends will always be just that, yours.

They focus on a science based program, so students don’t just learn technique and application, they learn how their equipment and treatments actually work. They can learn how to make holistic products and study histology as well.

This preparation also helps students to work with more than just one product line. Their education helps them to easily adapt to any type of product and new techniques as they hit the market, so they can be highly employable leaders in their fields.

While they do not take Title IV financial aid, the Aesthetics Institute does help students pay for their programs with both in house and outsourced financing plans. The in house payment options are interest free and can be broken up into monthly payments.

Portland Beauty School

Portland Beauty School has been helping students reach their dreams in the world of cosmetology for more than two decades. Their school teaches both natural nail care and advanced artificial nail techniques. Students will also learn spa techniques that help them to find higher end jobs at day spas and salons.

College of Hair Design

College of Hair Design gets straight to the point to help students learn the exact skills they will need to pass the state’s licensing test. The course can be completed in 600 hours.

Economic Outlook

There are nearly 2,000 nail technicians in the state of Oregon, but still the state needs more. At the moment, the salary for entry level nail technicians is commensurate with the national average.

With starting salaries approaching nearly $20,000 a year plus tips, most nail techs earn a very comfortable living doing what they enjoy most, creating beautiful art and meeting interesting people every day.

Nail techs make an average of $11.54 an hour in Oregon, but those who manage or own their own salon tend to make the highest salaries in the industry.

Other Nail Tech Schools in Oregon

Phagan’s School of Beauty

Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School

Now that you know how simple it is to become a part of the cutting edge beauty industry, why not contact a few of the schools listed here and see which one is right for you? With so many nail technician schools in Oregon to choose from, you could be sitting in your introductory class in just a few days and starting your new career in a matter of weeks.

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