Nail Tech Schools in The State of Montana

Would you like to join the fast paced world of cosmetology but want to get started quickly? Or perhaps you would like to find a way to work in the cosmetology field while you work your way through to a full cosmetology degree? Then becoming a nail technician may be the perfect start for you!

Before you start, you will have to get your official license from the state of Montana, which means that you will need to complete state approved training and pass a test.

Nail technicians are held to very stringent protocols for sanitation and safety to ensure that customers in Montana have the best experience possible.

It’s not as hard as it sounds though, with training only taking a few months. This article will explain what specific training you will need to become a nail technician, what curriculum to expect, and tell you about some of the best nail technology instructional programs in the state.

Licensing Requirements

To become a manicurist in Montana, you will need to graduate from a state approved nail technology course that provides at least 400 clock hours of training. In addition to this training, state license applicants must show proof of age and proof that they have graduated from high school or equivalent.

Once this proof is shown, the student can be approved to sit for the state’s licensing exam, which they must pass before they can obtain their license. The license application fee is $80 and is non refundable.

Typical Curriculum

If you go to a state approved school, you training will concentrate on ensuring that you know the skills you will need to pass the state licensing exam. This training will include:

  • classic manicure and pedicure techniques,
  • nail tips,
  • nail wraps,
  • polishing techniques,
  • sculptured nails,
  • and most importantly, safety and sanitation for client protection.

You should ensure that your school offers all of this information plus comprehensive anatomy of the nails so you will get a strong grasp of the state’s basic curriculum requirements. You may also want to ensure that your school offers updated nail art skills so you can remain competitive in the market.

But as long as you gain a very strong mastery of the basic skills for manicuring and pedicuring, you should be able to pass the state exam with no worries at all!

Some of the Best Nail Tech Schools in Montana

Crevier School of Cosmetology

Located in Kalispell Montana, Crevier School of Cosmetology offers a comprehensive nail technology course that will fully prepare students to take and pass their state administered exam. The course takes 400 hours to complete and focuses on basic theory for the first 100 hours with 300 hours spent on the clinical floor learning advanced skills and nail care techniques. Included learning subjects will focus on:

  • management and business etiquette,
  • current state laws,
  • sanitation and safety,
  • anatomy and physiology,
  • diseases of the skin and nails and bacteriology,
  • nail product chemistry,
  • electricity, and
  • modern techniques for nail care, enhancement and manicuring methods.

Students who qualify can pay for tuition through Pell Grants, Federal Student Loan Programs and even scholarships, since the school is fully accredited.

Montana Beauty School

Montana Beauty School has an affordable course that covers all of the state requirements plus the latest nail care techniques. The course takes 400 hours to complete and focuses on:

  • management,
  • business methods,
  • professional ethics,
  • sanitation and safety,
  • electric nail file use,
  • advanced nail extension techniques, and
  • advanced manicure and pedicure techniques.

The last 100 hours of the course focus on whichever area of the schooling that the instructors feel the student needs additional training in to ensure that the student is ready to pass the state exam. Montana Beauty Academy is fully accredited so students can qualify for Federal financial aid and Federal student loans to pay for their schooling.

The Nail Institute

The Nail Institute is the only school in Montana that focuses solely on teaching nail technology, so they are very good at it. Their program focuses on all aspects of nail technology, so they stay up to date with the newest skills and manicuring techniques. Class sizes are very small so students get all of the attention they need to learn each skill.

The course takes 12 weeks to complete, with the first 110 hours spent learning basic intensive training. School hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. The school is closed on the last two Mondays of every month.

Economic Outlook

Nail technicians in Montana can expect to earn about $19,200 a year for a low starting salaries. Average earnings in the state are about $28,940 or $13.91 per hour plus tips.

Some of the most well-paid nail techs in the state earn a very substantial $36,860 per a year, so it can be a very profitable career considering the small amount of schooling that is required. The people who make the most money in the industry tend to be those who work for themselves or own a nail care or full cosmetology salon.

Other Nail Tech Schools in Montana

Here are a few more beauty schools in Montana that may suit your needs if the schools listed above do not:

Modern Beauty School

Bitterroot School of Cosmetology

Bold Beauty Academy

Great! Now that you know what training will be expected and how to apply for your license, why not get started with your nail technician education today? You can try contacting a few of the schools listed above to learn more about their programs. Most nail tech schools in Montana will even schedule a full tour during class or business hours so you can get a feel for their teaching techniques and the atmosphere of their clinic floor.

With just a fraction of the investment required for a college degree and a few months of training, you could be earning your way to the top in no time!

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