Nail Tech Schools in The State of Arizona

Becoming a nail tech in Arizona is a great choice of careers. Not only can you complete your school for a small amount of money, but you can launch your career in little to no time. There are specific requirements that you must fulfill before your begin your life in this new and in demand job, however.

Read below to learn how long it takes to complete your training as a nail technician, what are some of the best schools in state, and what your economic prospects for employment are in this lucrative field.

Licensing Requirements

Nail technicians in Arizona must pass certain requirements to practice in the state. First, they must complete 600 hours of training, and then they must pass both a written and practical examination. Once you acquire your license, you must reapply for it every year, roughly around your birth date.

There are many beauty schools in Arizona that offer training for prospective nail technicians, but most of the best schools are located in the major metropolitan areas of the state. Below are a few of the best schools in Arizona that offer comprehensive training for aspiring nail technicians.

Typical Curriculum

In order to pass Arizona’s state licensing exam, nail technician students must attain a strong grasp of several areas of study, including:

  • sanitation,
  • cleanliness
  • practical application of nail art,
  • design,
  • aesthetics, and
  • working anatomy of the hands and feet.

You don’t have to choose a school that concentrates solely on nail technology to qualify to take the state test. Many cosmetology schools in Arizona offer these training courses as part of their comprehensive total cosmetology programs as well.

Some of The Best Nail Tech Schools in Arizona

Academy of Nail Technology

Academy of Nail Technology is dedicated exclusively to the art of manicuring and pedicuring and nothing else. Their basic curriculum covers:

  • the history of nail care,
  • nail anatomy,
  • sanitation and safety, and
  • hands on practice in various techniques.

With their concentration and focus on hands on training, students obtain a complete grasp of nail enhancements, tips, wraps, acrylic and gels. more important, their students learn about the chemistry involved in nail enhancement application and perfection of artistic technique. as students build their skills by working on actual clients, they build their skills to pass the practical exam and written exam for state licensing. all students are evaluated for final compentency for manicure, pedicure, and nail enhancements before taking the state practical exam.

Penrose Academy

Penrose Academy has a nail technician program that takes about 18 weeks to complete. Full time school is scheduled Tuesday thru Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm. Over half of the student’s classroom time will involve hands on experience in the student nail spa. Training is divided into four zones. Zone one concentrates on the fundamentals including arm and leg massage. Zone two deals with the science of the art, including liquid and powder enhancements. Zone three teaches the basics of natural care and other, more advanced nail services. Zone four gets students ready for the state board–boot camp style.

Olympus Beauty Academy

Olympus Beauty Academy is at the forefront of the nail revolution. They understand that nails are just as important as hair and work to be at the forefront of this art form. Keeping up with the latest trends and nail styling techniques helps their students to be the best in their field. Classes can be completed in less than six months on a full time basis. Upon completion, students won’t just have a mastery of the basics of nail care, they will be able to project self-confidence and a positive attitude that brings clients back again and again.

Economic Outlook

Pay for technicians in Arizona is among the highest in the nation. At between $27,000 and $43,000 per year along with the low cost of living, Arizona nail technicians live a very comfortable lifestyle. Even better, growth in the industry is anticipated to advance above the national average for many years to come. Those who open their own salon tend to earn the most, with those who work for high end hotels earning the median wage and entry level techs at national nail salons earning the base rate. But all areas earn tips on top of their base salary to further enhance pay.

Other Nail Tech Schools in Arizona

Just in case the above listed schools don’t meet your needs, we’ve included a couple extra schools below:

International Academy of Hair Design

Arizona Academy of Beauty

The future for nail technicians in Arizona has never been brighter, so why wait to start? Now that you know what training is required and how to go about getting the best schooling available, contact your local schools and find out how easy it is to start. Most nail tech schools in Arizona offer Title IV Federal financial aid as well as scholarships from local and national organizations.

So, you may even be able to finish your schooling without taking on student loan debt or struggling to find finances. Imagine starting in your new career in just half a year, with little-to-no debt and one of the highest incomes for your trade in the states.

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