Mobile Nail Technician Salon

The 20th century American poet Delmore Schwartz wrote, “Time is the fire in which we burn.” It is interesting to see how applicable his words are to the society in which we currently live. Time is the one thing that people do not have enough of.

Realizing that most people have a limited amount of time, some entrepreneurial minded individuals have come up with ways to provide products and services to their customers in a way that will allow their customers to use the least amount of time possible. An excellent example of this is individuals who have chosen to open a mobile nail salon.

A mobile nail technician makes house calls. The success of their business is based on the fact that their clients do not need to spend money on gas or waste time going to a salon. Instead, the nail tech will bring all of their mobile nail salon equipment to the client’s home. Clients are happy that they are able to get high quality nail treatments in the comfort of their own home. Since clients are at home, they feel more relaxed.

They do not feel the pressure of having other people look at them while their hands and feet are being treated. They feel a strong connection to the mobile nail technician who is working on their hands and feet. Since the client is in a relaxed setting, they are more likely to get the quality of nail service done that they want.

More and more nail technicians are choosing to open mobile nail salons. They are doing this as they come across situations where it becomes clear that having a technician visit the home is preferable to having the client visit a technician in a salon. For example, there may be a situation where a woman is in the later months of her pregnancy. Because of this, she just can’t make the trip to the salon. This does not mean that she does not want to look nice or to feel good about herself. So the solution is have a mobile nail service visit her.

Education Is Essential

Education Is EssentialAs with all businesses, an individual learning how to start a mobile nail salon needs to become educated. Not only do they need to thoroughly understand all of the theories and concepts associated with giving manicures and pedicures, they also have to have a strong sense of business.

They will be responsible not only for interacting with their customers but also for keeping the books and taking care of the financial records of their business.

It is recommended that in addition to attending cosmetology school or online nail technician courses, an individual looking to start their own mobile nail salon should look into doing business courses and learning about business planning. This can help them avoid some extremely costly mistakes that they could make in the future. And remember study well = earn well.

Take Advantage of Opportunities

As a small business owner, an individual who owns their own mobile salon will have to look for opportunities and at times make opportunities. Never turn down a chance to show someone your skill.

You never know if that individual is going to be the one who will spread word-of-mouth advertising about you to their friends.

There have been instances where individuals have taken a leap of faith and given free manicures and pedicures to important people in their community and been rewarded by having these individuals tell all of their friends about them.

Before long, their phone was ringing off the hook, and they had more customers than they could deal with.


Understand Media, and Especially Social Media

Advertising is the key to success. You can have the best mobile nail technician salon in the world, but if no one knows about you, you might as well be invisible. Print media, press releases, radio advertisements and TV advertisements are essential for success.

Now with the advent of social media, having a page on Facebook and constantly updating Twitter about the work you are doing will help you to generate more clients. When it comes to cosmetology, word-of-mouth is king. And there is no better source for word-of-mouth advertising than on social media.

Do Not Be Afraid to Dream

Do Not Be Afraid to DreamSometimes when individuals are presented with an opportunity that might lead them to something bigger, they get nervous. This can happen when first starting out with a mobile nail salon.

However, being afraid to dream may make it so that a business that has the potential to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year barely scrapes by at $30,000. Look for opportunities to sell yourself and your service.

Do retail store events, get involved with corporate promotions, promote yourself. Do not limit yourself to your own city, state or country. Do not be afraid to become successful.

If You Can’t Sell It, Barter It

Starting your own business is expensive. There are a lot of things that a person needs to pay for. When it comes to working with the public, it is essential that you have a lawyer to protect yourself. Lawyers can be expensive. So why not see if you can barter your services for lawyer fees? The same principle applies to any other service that you might need.

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