Find Nail Tech Schools in The State of Alaska

Looking for a new career? Don’t want to spend four to eight years and six figures to get started?

Then you have come to the right place. Becoming a nail technician in Alaska only takes a few months, so you could be starting your new life in no time! Now, where do you start?

First, you must obtain your license from the state of Alaska. Once you have gained your license, you will be qualified to perform pedicures, manicures, nail art, nail extensions and nail decorations.

Licensing Requirements

Beginning nail technicians have two choices for their licensing requirements. Basic nail technicians need only complete a 12 hour course with the main focus in health and sanitation. You can also obtain an advanced manicurist license by completing a 250 hour course.

You can also receive a license after apprenticeshp, but Alaska has the most stringent requirements for this route–2,000 hours. Whichever path you choose, all certified nail techs have to pass the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology test before they are granted a license to practice.

Below are a few of the schools in Alaska that provide complete training in this field.

Typical Curriculum

The typical curriculum for a nail tech schools in Alaska will depend upon which type of licensing requirement they pursue.

The basic 12 hour course is fairly easy and pretty cut-and-dry. Most people prefer to have their nails manicured by someone with an advanced license, however, which means that most employment opportunities will require that manicurists have an advanced manicurist license.

While Alaska is one of the easiest states to accomplish this task, it will still require full knowledge of hand and foot anatomy and advanced sterilization techniques, along with the ability to identify problems in both the hands and feet. Those who need to get started right away have the option of seeking the 12 hour license while training for advanced manicurist.

They can even pay for their advanced manicurist training in this way if they are lucky enough to find an outlet of employment with their basic license while they pursue their advanced one.

Some of The Best Nail Technician Schools in Alaska

Alaska Nail and Skin Academy

Alaska Nail and Skin Academy offers one of the fastest courses in nail technology for only $2,900. Students will need to be ready to buckle down because the school is design to fit an enourmous amount of information into a very short time period, although there are also options for those who need to pursue their training at a slower pace because of work of family requirements.

While they do not offer online courses, they are a very adaptable educational program. Students can also choose the more rudimentary option of Manicure and Pedicure Specialist for only $1,500.

Glenda’s Training Center

Glenda’s Training Center provides full instruction in advanced manicuring for roughly $4,000. Basic training includes a hand mannequin, nail tips, polish, jacket and other needed nail supplies. Other costs can include nail table, dryer, manicure set, etc. and cost up to $2,000 more, including an optional kit. The course takes 250 hours to complete and will cover:

  • safety,
  • sanitation,
  • communications skills,
  • ethics, sales,
  • decorum,
  • record keeping, and
  • service records.

There will also be a short course in anatomy and physiology of the hands, arms and feet.

Alaska Academy of Advanced Cosmetology

Alaska Academy of Advanced Cosmetology’s full time manicuring course requires 37.5 hours per week and only 250 hours to complete, so it’s a very fast program. Courses will cover:

  • Sanitation and safety measures (45 hours)
  • Anatomy and physiology of the arms, hands and feet (45 hours)
  • Manicuring and pedicuring (155 hours)
  • State law (5 hours)

There may be a few hours of work outside classroom time that the student doesn’t get credit for, including laundering towels and washing equipment, so best to plan on a full 40 hour week for your education.

Economic Outlook

Nail technologist salaries in Alaska are among the highest for the field in the nation, with salaries up to $38,000 per year. In fact, Anchorage ranks fifth highest city in pay for the field in the United States.

The average beginner will earn about $17,000, but advance to a median of $31,000 with experience. Part of the reason for this great pay rate is that Alaska has a huge travel industry. Cruise ship customers are always looking for a little pampering before the night out, so employment in this field is definitely boosted by Alaska’s marvelous tourism.

Even better, the Beauru of Labor Statistics predicts that Alaska’s growth in this field may reach 19% by 2018.

Other Nail Tech Schools in Alaska

Because the requirements to become a basic nail technician in Alaska are so simple and Alaska is so sparsely populated, there aren’t an enormous number of schools that offer training strictly in nail manicuring. However, almost all cosmetology schools in Alaska offer training in nails as well as hair and aesthetics. Here are a couple of beauty schools in Alaska in the Anchorage area that offer extensive training:

Academy of Hair Design

Trend Setters School of Beauty Alaska

Metro Oasis Beauty School and Advanced Training Center

Now that you know how easy it is to become a nail technician in Alaska, and just how lucrative your now career choice can be, why not start now? Try the schools listed above and see how soon you can enter the beauty industry as a qualified and licensed professional.

You will be able to cash in on part of Alaska’s bountiful tourism industry and build a clientele of locals for all seasons. You can even be your own boss if you start your own business. Don’t wait. Start today!

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