Three Cosmetology Schools in Chicago That Will Launch Your Career

Chicago is a great place to be when looking to start a career in cosmetology. As one of the largest cities in the Midwest, cosmetology schools in Chicago have the resources to take your talent and turn it into the profession of your dreams.

With an emphasis on more than just education, these three schools each have a unique perspective to offer students as they embark on their journey into the world of fashion and beauty.

Aveda Institute Chicago

In the world of beauty, Aveda is a name trusted by consumers everywhere. So why not start here to begin your cosmetology career? This program focuses on teaching the latest techniques and encourages the students creativity to take center stage.

The cosmetology program is a rigorous journey through the world of beauty and focuses heavily on building business skills to make a well rounded graduate.

This program is not for the weak. Aveda looks only for the passionate and will teach you how to maximize that passion and creativity to launch your career or business to limitless heights.

Niles School of Cosmetology

Since 1975, Niles School of Cosmetology has been a leading cosmetology school in Chicago.

With their unwavering commitment to the best possible education at the best possible price, Niles School of Cosmetology is prepared to train their students to not simply be a cosmetologist but to be an entrepreneur and salon owner.

Cosmetology and Spa Academy

Building a career in cosmetology requires a lot more than just an education, and the professionals at Cosmetology and Spa Academy understand that. They focus on more than just the education of the students and hone in on the networking required to make their graduates a success in the industry.

For 30 years Cosmetology and Spa Academy has been training their students to leverage professional networks to keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s new and hot in the world of beauty.

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