A Guide to the Leading Cosmetology Schools in Arizona


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Arizona is making a name for itself in the fashion and beauty industry, and these schools are the ones creating the cosmetologists that are putting Arizona on the map. From some of the nations leading salons to fashion show producers and consultants, cosmetology schools in Arizona are turning students dreams into reality.

Carsten Institute of Cosmetology

Located in Tempe, AZ, Carsten Institute of Cosmetology is endorsed by L’Oreal Professionnel of Paris. Through this partnership, the Carsten Institute is able to teach world renowned techniques such as The French Haircutting Technique while adhering to their mission to inspire everyone to achieve their dreams.

At Carsten students participate in fashion shows for industry professionals and the general public, as well as lectures and seminars on topics that are forefront in the industry. At Carsten, students are put on the cutting edge of the industry to prepare them for professional greatness.

Empire Beauty Schools

With 6 locations across the state and 80 years of experience, Empire Beauty School is at the forefront of cosmetology schools in Arizona. Combining technology with the cosmetology program has created a unique learning experience for students found only at Empire Beauty Schools.

The benefits students receive from Empire Beauty School doesn’t just stop at a great education. They will also provide you with job opportunities through their countless salon connections including 10,000 Regis Salons.

The Studio Academy of Beauty

The Studio Academy of Beauty has taken cosmetology schools in Arizona to a whole new level. While, yes they focus heavily on giving students the best education they don’t just stop there. The education continues well beyond just the cosmetology experience and goes straight into the business side of the industry.

The Studio Academy of Beauty wants students to leave school and be able to follow any career path they choose. From being a stylist, salon owner or product specialist, the career opportunities are endless and The Studio Academy of Beauty wants to be the school that takes you there.

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