Completing a Nail Tech School in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the ideal city for beginning a career in nail technology. Full of vacation travelers who want to be pampered before their night on the town, there’s never a dull moment in Vegas’s busy salons.

From french tips to the latest airbrushing techniques, there is always a demand in the City of Lights for talented cosmeticians. With annual salaries averaging roughly $22,000, most technicians earn ample tips as well, so you’ll always have what you need to live in style.

This guide will introduce you to some of the most popular cosmetology schools in Las Vegas so you can decide which nail technician school is your best match to start today.

Because cosmetology is in such high demand in the city of Las Vegas, there are quite a few schools to choose from. This can make the decision very complicated, especially since they can have vastly different types of curriculum, with only the basic state licensing training being similar. Some of the things you might want to consider as you select your school are:

  • Are they accredited?
  • Do they have night and weekend programs?
  • Do they have connections to local salons for job placement post graduation?
  • What types of nail care techniques do they teach?
  • Are they up on the latest styles?
  • Do they provide financial aid?
  • Do they accept Title IV funding?

Whichever school you choose, make sure that you feel comfortable with their customer service program. In addition to attending one of their free tours, perhaps you should schedule a manicure through their public services so that you can vet the quality of their instructors. Plus, pampering yourself with a manicure is a fun way to research your future school.

Popular Cosmetology and Nail Tech Schools in Las Vegas

Paul Mitchell The School Las Vegas

Featuring a campus with full digital support so that students always have access to their school’s information and coursework, Paul Mitchell is well-known for setting the industry’s standards. They also set high standards for public service. Paul Mitchell’s students and instructors receive the opportunity to give charitably to the community by donating their services to fashion shows, providing fundraisers and through other exciting events.

These charitable events also give students a chance to make connections with their community that can help lead to future employment upon graduation. Student teams provide the opportunity for classmates to connect and express themselves through art, causes like environmental preservation and social networking. All these factors add up to an extremely high retention rate of 86% and fantastic post-graduation success rates. Their staff of intake counselors is very helpful with the financial aid process and will walk students through applying for title IV funds, scholarships and other financing programs, including assistance from the Veterans Administration.

Expertise Cosmetology Institute

Expertise Cosmetology Institute has an unbelievable student to teacher ratio of 6 to 1, so access to personal instruction will not be a problem for students who need that extra little push. While their retention rate is only 63%, their nail technician program is extremely affordable at only $5,325 for tuition plus $1,005 for books and supplies.

School can be completed in four months for those who attend full time. Their programs focus on silk wraps, nail art and design and hand, arm, leg and foot massage in addition to the basics that are necessary for the state licensing exam. Interestingly, Expertise is the first school of cosmetology in Las Vegas that is proudly owned and operated by an African-American. They pride themselves in their commitment to giving their students the tools they will need to become successful and independent business leaders in their community and beyond.

Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts & Sciences

Lincoln Tech Las Vegas, NV (Summerlin Campus)

Euphoria has a slightly higher student to teacher ratio at 19 to 1, and their retention rate isn’t quite as high as it should be at 63%. It is, however, a very affordable basic program. Costing only $7,800 to complete, they teach three basic classes over the course of 28 weeks. Their final course concentrates on transition to a full-time career. They also have a night program that can be completed in 34 weeks.

All students have access to all financial aid options and will receive assistance in filling out all their necessary financial aid paperwork. Prospective students can check out the institution during their free open houses, which take place every Wednesday between 10AM and 1PM.

Academy of Hair Design

The Academy of Hair Design has a retention rate of 78%, which is one of the highest in the state. And of those 78% who matriculate, 100% pass their state licensing exams with very high scores averaging 95% for the practical exam and 89% for the written. Part of the reason for their fantastic success rates is that they hold mock state board exams before their students take the actual test. The student teacher ratio is a modest 15 to 1, so you’ll have plenty of time to spend with your teacher.

The don’t feature weekend classes, but they do have an evening program that takes roughly eight months to complete as opposed to their full time program which is four months long. They teach all of the standard nail techniques plus nail art and 3D art. They do accept title IV funds, but attendance is also very affordable at $8,275.00 for tuition, books and supplies.

Cosmetology Institute of Las Vegas (CILV)

CIVL’s nail technology program provides a solid education in silk nail wraps, the latest art styles, gel and acrylic nail services, natural nail care and most importantly, salon business management. Students can graduate and begin their new careers in as little as 15 weeks, making this one of the fastest programs in the state.

This is a relatively new school in the city that is not set up to take title IV funding or very many other financial aid programs yet, but the speed of completion and affordability of tuition make them worthy of serious consideration. In addition to the benefits of their speedy program, they organize monthly community service activities to benefit local residents and foster positive habits of philanthropy in their future graduates/business owners.

Photograph of the famous Las Vegas sign

Las Vegas’s tourists aren’t the only people who will want your services when you graduate. Las Vegas has thousands of performers who must keep their tips in tip top shape. Dancers, magician’s assistants and performers from all walks of life need to look their best while under the lime light, and you can help them with your newfound skills.

Not only is nail technology a quick launching point into your cosmetology career because of the short course length, it is one of the most affordable ways to become a licensed member of the cosmetology world.

The sky’s the limit once you’ve gotten your start as a nail technician. You can become part of a salon, start your own business, or even become beauty expert to the stars.

Whether you want to pursue a full time career or merely work part time while you pursue additional educational options, your tuition will be paying for itself in no time. So why wait when you can start today?

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