Category: Nail Technician Schools
Nail Tech Schools in Wyoming

Every cow girl wants to look her best, especially in the cowboy state. A career in nail technology is a great place to start helping other meet this goal. If you have an artistic flair and love to make the world a more beautiful and interesting place, this job's for you. Even better, some ...

Nail Tech Schools in Wisconsin

It can take as little as seven weeks to twenty weeks to complete the schooling required to become a nail technician in Wisconsin. Considering the amount of money that nail technicians are capable of making in Wisconsin, this makes nail technology one of the most affordable ways to enter the ...

Nail Tech Schools in Virginia

Virginia is one of the fastest and easiest states in which to become a nail technician--hands down. Where most states require 300 hours of training at the low end, and 750 hours at the high end for training, Virginia only requires 150 hours before students can apply for their license. This ...

Nail Tech Schools in Vermont

Becoming a nail technician in Vermont is a great way to start a new career straight out of high school. It is also a great way to earn a living while you earn your college degree. There are however, some requirements that you must meet before you can begin to work with the general public. ...

Nail Tech Schools in Utah

Whether you are looking to start your first job, or completely change your career path due to economic changes, nail technology opens the door to a brand new world of artistic possibilities. The schooling required to become a nail technician in Utah is might lighter than is required in many ...

Nail Tech Schools in Texas

Texas is the Big State, and nail technology is a big part of the beauty industry in the Big State. The requirements for schooling are a little larger than other states as well. It takes a full 600 hours of schooling in a state approved program to get started as a nail tech, so there's not time ...

Nail Tech Schools in Tennessee

Tennessee has it all. From the bright lights of Nashville to the beautiful mountain views, there's no shortage of women and men who want to look their best. This is why the beauty industry is big money in this state, and nail technology is an important arm of this field. There are very ...


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