Find The Best Nail Tech Schools in Nevada

Photograph of a nail styling procedureCongratulations on starting your new career as a nail technician! This is a very good choice as the demand for nail technicians is higher than the average demand for workers in the United States today. But before you begin this profitable new career, you must first get an official license from the state of Nevada.

This will require completion of special training from a certified nail technician school or school of cosmetology and a passing grade on your state’s practical and written exams.

This may seem like a lot of work, but there’s more to being a nail technician than knowing how to artfully apply a french manicure. Nail technicians must be experts in sanitation and infection prevention as well as nail anatomy, and these skills require an extensive amount of education. This article will guide you through the licensing process in the state of Nevada and show you what to expect as you begin your new career.

We will also list and review some of the more popular nail technician programs in the state.

Guide to the Licensing Process

Licensing Requirements

In order to qualify for a nail technician license in Nevada, you will need to complete over 600 hours of training at an approved school. During this training, you will learn:

  • manicure and pedicure techniques,
  • sanitation and safety,
  • application and safe removal of artificial nails,
  • natural care techniques and
  • how to educate customers in self-care.

Most programs take between five months and nine months to complete, with some offering completion in as little as four months. No matter how many weeks your program takes for completion, you must complete at least 600 hours of training in order to qualify to take the state licensing exams.

Once your training is complete, you will be required to pay a fee of $180 to take your licensing exams, which you must pass before you can begin working as a professional nail technician. Many schools will offer mock exams and practice tests to help reduce the anxiety of both the written and practical state testing process.

Below are a few of the cosmetology schools in Nevada that excel in preparing students to pass this exam, along with a few interesting facts about their curriculum and campus.

Some of The Best Nail Technician Schools in Nevada

Academy of Hair Design

Total tuition for the nail technology program at the Academy of Hair Design is $8,275.00, which works out to roughly $13.79 per hour of instruction. This cost includes the non-refundable application fee, registration fee and all necessary equipment.

The program can be completed in four months if attending full time and in eight months if attending half time. This cost is well worth it considering their licensure rate of 100% and average practical exam scores of 95%. School can be financed with Title IV loans and other financial aid, making this college very attainable for students of every background.

Milan Institute of Cosmetology Reno, Nevada

Milan Institute is one of the most well-known beauty schools in the western states, with campuses in California, Texas, and Idaho, as well as Nevada. Milan’s nail technician program is only offered at their Reno campus, as the Las Vegas campus does not carry the program yet. Average tuition for the nail technology school is around $8,000, but the courses and completion times vary greatly with some programs costing less.

They accept Title IV financial aid as well as GI Bills and other military financial aid. They also provide weekend and evening classes, so it is possible to attend part time while continuing to work at your day job.

Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts & Sciences

Euphoria Instutute’s program can be completed in 28 weeks for day study and approximately 34 weeks for evening study. Their training consists of three classes;

  • Nail Technology Basics,
  • Advanced Nail Technology and
  • Career Transition Nail Technology.

Their nail technician program costs about $7,800 with all included expenses. They also accept all types of financial aid and provide tuition counseling for incoming students. Located in Las Vegas (Summerlin), the beautiful campus provides the perfect environment for fostering creative education while keeping you close to the action.

Cosmetology Institute of Las Vegas (CILV)

CIVL has one simple mission; to provide a great education in cosmetology, prepare community leaders and entrepreneurs and promote positive community values. In fact, their student council organizes monthly community service program projects to keep the student body engaged in positive action.

They also offer one of the fastest nail technology programs in the state. Students can complete their 600 hours of training in as little as 15 weeks of full time attendance. This school does not accept Title IV financial aid yet because it’s relatively new, but their program is very affordable and the speed of completion will get you back to work in just over three months.

Economic Outlook

The mean hourly wage for manicurists and pedicurists is currently $11.36, with a mean annual wage of $23,630. This may not seem like a great deal, but most technicians earn very good tips on a daily basis as well.

As stated in the introduction, growth for this career choice is climbing at slightly above the national average, and Nevada, with its robust tourist population, is the perfect place to begin a cosmetology career. Day spas and beauty salons are a frequent stopping point for travelers who want to add a little pampering to their vacation experience.

Better, the city is brimming over with performers who always need to look their best. Ultimately, employment growth for this field is projected at roughly 10% by the year 2024, so there should be no shortage of work in the near future.

Other Nail Tech Schools in Nevada

Just in case the previously listed institutions do not meet your current needs, here are a few more nail tech schools to consider in Nevada.

Expertise Cosmetology Institute

Aveda Institute of Las Vegas

Redkin’s International Academy of Style

Expanded Curriculum Options

In addition to the above listed curriculum, many beauty schools in Nevada specialize in more advanced nail care techniques and the latest cutting edge technologies. During the course of your training, you should expect to learn the basics of hygiene and disinfection as well as cuticle care, basic manicure and pedicure techniques and basic extension techniques.

But the best schools will also provide instruction in advanced techniques such as airbrushing, gel toes and many types of nail art. Of course, the most important educational point is how to carefully care for nails without causing any damage. This is why state licensure is required for all nail technicians.

Now that you know a bit more about the growing field of nail care and have had a chance to check out some of the best nail tech schools in Nevada, why wait? There’s no time like today to start your new career. Since most schools provide rolling start dates with fast completion or night classes, there’s no reason to wait.

You can go to school part time on a flexible schedule while you keep your current job, or attend full time to get your start as fast as possible. In as little as three and a half months, you can be making the world a more beautiful place while you earn your way to the top.

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