Great Beauty Schools in California

Beauty is the name of the game in California and these schools are leading the way. They have found a way to stand out in the crowd of traditional beauty schools in California.

From a focus on blending the timeless with trendy, to unleashing creativity through mentor relationships, these three schools are revolutionizing the way students learn and thereby changing the beauty and fashion industry from the ground up.

Avalon School of Cosmetology

At Avalon School of Cosmetology in Alameda, California they focus on so much more than just the latest trends. While the trends are great and important, Avalon School of Cosmetology understands the need for their students to understand the classic elements of the beauty industry upon which the latest trends are founded.

For 40 years this California beauty school has been training students in every industry element from cosmetology to business skills. This approach allows students to build a wide customer base and increase their chances at a successful business.

Milan Institute

Milan Institute has been family owned and operated since 1985. With a strong focus on the student and a stellar reputation in the industry, Milan has become a staple in the California beauty school market.

With hands-on training and professional instructors, Milan’s students are prepared to transition quickly from the classroom to the salon.

W Academy of Salon and Spa

For over 20 years, W Academy of Salon and Spa owners, Wassim and Rashelle Kaddura have been sharing their passion for the beauty industry with customers and students alike. Sharing this passion has created an environment where the students treated like artists and the instructors like mentors.

This approach allows talent and creativity to flow as students learn to blend the latest techniques with their own personal esthetic. If you are searching for a beauty school in California, W Academy of Salon and Spa is definitely worth a look.

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